Remnant: From The Ashes – Get Hidden Weapons & Materials From These Secret Boss Defeat Methods

By defeating bosses in special, alternative ways in Remnant: From The Ashes you can get bonus crafting materials and weapons — the trick is just figuring out the alternate ways to take these massive bosses down. As if the boss fights weren’t tricky enough, many of the gigantic enemies can be defeated in some special, significant way. Here, we’re going to list all the special alternate methods for killing bosses we’ve found so far. There are sure to be more, so I’ll update with any future information I find.

Remnant: From The Ashes is a twist on the standard Dark Souls-like formula. Instead of using swords and other melee weapons, your hero is equipped with a powerful gun. You’ll also be able to team up with multiple friends for a cooperative experience, and get help taking down each massively difficult boss. It’s all doable in singleplayer, but you can make life a whole lot easier with a few friends in these partially randomly generated dungeons.

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Alternate Boss Defeat Methods | Bonus Weapons & Materials Guide

[Work-in-Progress: There are alternate methods for killing certain bosses. We haven’t found them all, so check back soon for new updates.]

Earth Bosses

  • Ent
    • Alternate Method: Completely shatter the leg.
    • Bonus Drop: Twisted Heart -> Petrified Maul
  • Singe
    • Alternate Method: Destroy the tail before defeating the boss.
    • Bonus Drop: Dragon Links -> Smolder
  • Maul (The Pack)
    • Alternate Method: Shoot the NPC in the head to cause the boss to attack the NPC too.
    • Bonus Drop: Control Rod

Rhom Bosses

  • Claviger
    • Alternate Method: Wait to defeat the boss until it’s absorbed the extra enemies during the phase were the arena is lifted up and spins.
    • Bonus Drop: Stone of the Guardian -> World Breaker
  • Harrow
    • Alternate Method: Deal a quarter damage to the boss’s legs in 50 seconds or less to stagger him. When staggered, interact with his back to pull a spear.
    • Bonus Drop: The Lost Harpoon
  • Undying King
    • Alternate Method: Before the fight, refuse to give him the Heart (or give the Heart to the Elf Queen) — then fight the Undying King.
    • Bonus Drop: Ruin Rifle & Kingslayer (Trait)

Crossus Bosses

    • Alternate Method: Kill both bosses at about the same time, so that one can’t enrage the other.
    • Bonus Drop: Guardian Tentacle -> Guardian Axe

Yaesha Bosses

  • Totem Father
    • Alternate Method: When you spawn into the boss area, look for a Totem. If it’s glowing blue, you’ll get materials for a gun at the end of the fight. If it’s glowing red, you’ll get materials for a spear at the end of the fight.
    • Bonus Drop: Totem Antler -> Eye of the Storm / Tempest Heartstring -> Voice of the Tempest
  • The Ravager
    • Alternate Method: Before the boss attacks, play the Lullaby. You can now interact with the boss before the fight.
    • Bonus Drop: Stalker’s Claw -> Scar of the Jungle