Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Find A Secret SMG & Trait Early | Ward 13 Guide

Ward 13 is your starting hub and refuge in the dangerous world of Remnant: From The Ashes. It’s where you’ll find helpful vendors or players to help you tackle the titanic challenges awaiting on each deadly realm. Ward 13 is also a place that’s packed with secret areas to explore if you look carefully.

You can begin your search right after unlocking War 13 for real. Once the place is powered on, you can start unlocking doors right away. You’ll just need to grab a keycard and know where to go next — below, I’ll explain how to find your way around the many secrets of Ward 13, and how to claim a rare SMG for your character before leaving.

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How To Find A Secret SMG & Trait Early | Ward 13 Guide

To find the hidden SMG weapon and the Elder Knowledge trait, which gives you a bonus to XP earned, you’ll just need to explore and find all the hidden areas around Ward 13, your starting area / hub.

Step #1: Get The Keycard – After your first teleport, a keycard will appear on a table nearby. Grab it — it allows you to access a variety of rooms.

Step #2: Get The Fuse – Go down to floor B2 and use the keycard to unlock the door. Don’t miss the Tome of Knowledge on the table. Go down the hallway. Use the Tape Recorder through the second door to get the Elder Knowledge trait. The Fuse is located through the third door.

Step #3: Using The Fusebox – Go down to floor B3 and use the fuse on the fusebox. Follow the hall, and unlock the door ahead with the keycard. Go left and reach the red door. There’s a Tome of Knowledge here.

Step #4: Get The Master Key – Shut off the fusebox, and return to the central hub room. The giant fan will now be off. Jump through the fan and collect the Ward 13 Master Key.

Step #5: Get The Hidden SMG – Go back to floor B2 and take a right down the hallway. Continue until you reach a red room — take the stairs up to a locked door. Use the Master Key to unlock it and you’ll find the SMG inside.