Epic Games Store Now Offering Fez For Free

The Epic Games Store has received plenty of hate from the online gaming community. It’s a big competitor against Valve’s Steam platform though it does not offer as many bells and whistles. That’s to be expected as it’s still new into the market and Epic Games is continuing to make updates adding more features into the marketplace platform. With that said, Epic Games is trying to give players some incentive in downloading their marketplace platform storefront and using it. For 2019, Epic Games Store is offering free video game titles each week.

All you need to have is an Epic Games Store account which is completely free. From there, when a new game goes up for free, potential players can claim their copy and it will then be registered to their account. The titles are not at risk of being removed from the account either as you can install them whenever. It’s a great incentive to download the Epic Games Store client as well and each week there’s something new to play. In the past, we’ve received two free games per week, but for this week, we’re looking at just a single game title.

Fez is being offered today, which is a platform title that has players shifting the in-game world around to see hidden areas. This game is available until August 29, 2019, so you don’t want to wait too long before you claim your copy. Likewise, you’ll want to keep an eye out for what other video game titles Epic Games Store offers. In the past, we’ve received Alan Wake, For Honor, Oxenfree, Enter The Gungeon, and Gnog for free.

Source: Epic Games Store