Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Get Random Rare Weapons | Rusted Weapons Guide

If you’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses long, you’re probably wondering what’s the point of all those Rusty Weapons.

When playing with an online connection active, you’ll get a bunch of benefits — based on battles from other players, you’ll see where characters in other games have died. There are glowing sprites on those spots, and stepping on them will reward you with a random item or XP. One of the most common items you’ll get are Rusty Weapons; and they’re seemingly useless.

Well, there’s actually a use for those random trash items. Sometimes, rarely, you’ll find a Rare Weapon hidden within a Rusty one. It’s all about using the blacksmith forge. That’s why you won’t want to sell every Rusty Weapon you find. Some of them are actually incredibly useful.

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How To Get Random Rare Weapons | Rusty Weapons Guide

With an Online Connection on, glowing spots will appear in battlefields. There are yellow spots and purple spots — you’ll find random items on purple spots, and XP on yellow spots. When you get a random item, you’ll often find a Rusty Weapon. These useless tools are basically Broken. They’re useless in combat.

But, you can make them into something special. Every Rusty Weapon can be reforged. Check the item screen to see what type of weapon it can be reforged into. Most of the time, a Rusty Weapon will become a simple Iron or Steel Weapon. Sometimes, it’ll become something much better.

Rarely, Rusty Weapons can be reforged into Named Weapons. These are some of the best weapons in the game, and after have bonus special effects that make them even better in battle. You’ll always want to look out for these weapons, so check the item screen of every Rusty Weapon you find before throwing them away.

To reforge, you need to unlock the Blacksmith functionality. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it if you’re still early in the game. It’ll become available as you play, then you can repair broken weapons and fix up rusty ones. And if you’re extremely lucky, there might be a mindblowing sword under that rusty shell.