Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Everything You Unlock In New Game+ | Endgame Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is overflowing with content. There are three story paths — one for each house — and if you want to experience that content, you’ll want to fully embrace New Game+.

This handy feature allows you to restart and carry-over some of your previously-earned stats, and it will help you speed through the beginning. Thanks to New Game+, replays won’t be (as much) of a long haul.

New Game+ gives you some serious advantages right from the start. I’ll explain everything that unlocks in the quick guide below.

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Everything You Unlock In New Game+ | Endgame Guide

After completing the story, you’ll unlock New Game+. New Game+ allows you to carry over certain progression like renown, battalions, and more.

Here’s the full list of unlocks and features you’ll be able to use in New Game+.

  • Retain your Saint Statue Renown upgrade levels.
  • Earn more Renown for completing missions.
    • Use Renown to upgrade Professor Level, Skill Levels for any of your students, combat arts and classes quickly.
  • Swap Character Appearances between the pre-time skip and post-time skip model / portrait.
  • Unlock new Crest powers with Renown. New Crests will be unlocked based on your choices from the first playthrough. Playing and making new decisions will unlock further crest powers on second / third New Game+ runs.

The biggest enhancement in New Game+ is just the ability to earn and spend more Renown on just about everything. Using Renown, you can quickly upgrade yourself and your students, making the beginning slog a whole lost faster and easier. Then you can experiment with your classes and change your playstyle — or just try out some of the classes you never really played with before.

There’s a lot more stuff to experience in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is just the start, and the developers might just add even more features in the future.