Judgement: Earn Easy Cash With The Secret VR Mini-game | Money Farming Guide

Judgement is a game that follows the Yakuza series legacy, giving you a large city to explore, and tons of side-content as you unravel a criminal conspiracy. Instead of playing as a headstrong thug, you’re put in the shoes of a private detective. As a humble investigator, you’re stuck living a much less luxurious lifestyle — most of the time, you’re completely poor. It’s going to take a long time to save up enough cash to stay stable.

That is, unless you use a very useful secret trick. Once you’ve reached Chapter 3, there’s an incredible opportunity you can take advantage of that can score you huge cash rewards. You can repeat this mini-game as much as you want, so you can farm for cash easily. Even at the end of the game, this is one of the best ways to earn cash. It’s all about playing a virtual-reality game and rolling dice. Sounds weird? I’ll explain what you need to know below.

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Earn Easy Cash With The Secret VR Mini-game | Money Farming Guide

To earn a ton of cash in Judgement, you need to reach Chapter 3. In this chapter, you’ll unlock the ability to play a VR Mini-game.

The trick is, you’ll want to farm money, then invest in the Quickstarter Campaigns. You’ll also need to unlock the ‘Precision Press‘ skill to make this method easier.

NOTE: You can get free VR Passes by completing Baseball Batting Cage courses, or as a prize from the casino.

Go and play the VR Minigame to earn lots and lots of cash, but there’s a way to double your profits every run. You need to roll a 5, a 6, and a 2 in order for King Koro!

King Koro loves the number 562, so rolling that number gets you a huge bonus. You’ll get +2 Special Rounds. If you defeat a yellow enemy on the field, you can spawn a second King Koro, which will net you +1 Special Round.

That can essentially double how much money your earn per run. You’ll be able to earn a million or more per run.