Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain – Best Missions To Earn Tons Of Gems | Easy Farming Guide

Weapon crates are gone in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, but you’ll still need to farm to upgrade your character. Random loot crates have been removed in favor of gems — a special in-game currency that drops out of defeated enemies. Like all of these games, you’ll want to replay levels at harder and harder difficulties to improve your character, and this time around it’s all about earning gems.

In the guide below, you’ll find the easiest missions to farm. Not all missions are equal, and some are far, far easier than others. To get the most gems, you’ll want to focus on missions with lots (and lots) of enemies. Preferably, missions should have swarms of easy enemies — the fewer tough enemies you have to deal with, the better. Sometimes you’ll have an advantage that makes things easier. Most of these missions are pretty late in the game, but that’s totally fine. Farming is really only important on harder difficulties.

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Best Missions To Earn Tons Of Gems | Easy Farming Guide


There are two missions that are incredibly lucrative to farm — both give you access to plenty of weapons and advantages against foes that drop lots of gems. To get more gems, just increase the difficulty level — this makes things harder, so you’ll want to be well-prepared before attempting missions on Disaster Difficulty — this game’s version of Inferno.

  • Best Missions To Farm
    • Mission 35
    • Mission 46

Mission 35 is extremely easy once you’ve unlocked powerful weapons, making return visits a great way to quickly earn lots of gems. It only takes about 3 minutes with an online group.

If you’re looking for another, even easier mission to play at all levels — go to Mission 46. Even on Disaster, this mission is a cakewalk. Use the many, many turrets to wipe out incoming enemies and grab the gems. On Disaster, this mission can easily earn upwards of 130,000+ gems in just a few minutes.