Devil May Cry 5: Tips To Help You S-Rank Every Mission | ‘Hell Of A Hunter’ Guide

Dante isn’t just your average Devil Hunter — he’s got style to spare, and if you want to truly master Devil May Cry 5, you’ll want to earn the ‘Hell Of A Hunter’ achievement / trophy. It’s all about earning S Ranks, the highest rank possible for missions, and doing that ain’t so easy. There are lots of questions about the ranking system, and I’m going to try to explain exactly what effects your ranking.

I’ll also explain the easiest possible way to earn the ‘Hell Of A Hunter’ achievement / trophy. No matter what you do, it will be tricky. You’ll have to play through a few of the higher difficulty modes — Dante Must Die and Son of Sparda — to even unlock the special difficulty mode required to easily earn S Ranks. It’s a long road, but a worthy one.

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Tips To Help You S-Rank Every Mission | ‘Hell Of A Hunter’ Guide

There are two achievements you can earn for earning an S Rank on every mission in the game. There are 21 missions total, Prologue included, that require an S Rank. S Rank normally are earned by fighting well and collecting lots of Red Orbs. You’ll earn the same amount of Red Orbs on all Difficulty Levels, so if you’re looking to farm orbs, you’ll find it’s easiest on Human Difficulty.

S Rank Achievements / Trophies

  • Hell Of A Hunter
    • Clear all missions with S Rank.
    • You can earn this achievement / trophy in Heaven or Hell difficulty.
  • Worthy Of Legend
    • Clear all missions with S Rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.
    • That means you need to get S Rank on Human, Devil Hunter, Dante Must Die, Son of Sparda, and Hell or Hell difficulties.

Before tackling S Ranking missions, you’ll want to unlock all the skills and upgrades for Nero, Dante and V. The most Devil Trigger you have, the easier these challenges will be. Earn S Rank on anything about Devil Hunter difficulty is also extremely hard — you’ll just have to master the game.

The easiest way to earn S Ranks and earn ‘Hell Of A Hunter‘ is in Heaven or Hell difficulty. This difficulty mode unlocks after completing Dante Must Die mode — which is considered ‘Very Hard’ difficulty. In this mode, you and all enemies will die in a single hit. Use your long-range weapons wisely, and you can crush everything. It might take a few tries, but you’ll be able to kill enemies before they can touch you.

To see what actually effects your ranking, here’s a quick breakdown — shared by Steam User dashi.

  • Rank Bonuses & Penalties
    • Special Costumes (Infinite Devil Trigger): -80% Rank Score
    • Auto-Assist: -20% Rank Score
    • Revive After Dying: Score is significantly lowered after every death.
    • No Checkpoints Or Restarts: +20% Rank Score
    • No Hit Completion: +220% Rank Score

If you can someone complete a mission without taking a single hit, you’ll guarantee an S Rank. That’s pretty tough, but it isn’t required. You can still earn S Ranks without avoiding all damage. But, you will need to avoid reviving or reloading checkpoints. You’ll also lose out if you use any of the Costumes that give special in-game bonuses.

Completing levels quickly, earning lots of Red Orbs, avoiding deaths, and playing with Network features on will improve your score and give you a better chance at S Ranks. Give all these tricks a try — and don’t bother attempting until after you’ve completed the game at least once.