Brawl Stars: How To Get The Most Bang For Your Gem Buck | Premium Currency Guide

Brawl Stars is a F2P team-based action-strategy game from the creators of Clash Royale — so, of course there are microtransactions. According to the clever calculations of redditor U/walkerspider, you can earn up to 5 Loot Boxes per day — which will get you about 2 Gems on average per day. And that’s only if you do literally everything. Basically, earning free Gems is going to take multiple hours of gameplay per day, so you’ll want to get the most out of these things.

If you don’t feel like spending real-world cash on Brawl Stars, there’s still plenty of ways you can enjoy the game — and even the slower progression can be beaten if you spend your Gems wisely. Here, I’m going to break down exactly what’s worth buying with Gems, what you should avoid, and what it takes to get free Loot Boxes, which will give you free Gems.

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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Gem Buck | Premium Currency Guide

Gems are the rarest currency for you to earn in Brawl Stars — and that’s because Gems are the game’s Premium Currency. You can buy it with real money, or earn it for free. Obviously, earning it is going to be a whole lot slower.

After getting your free early rewards, you’ll have to earn it all by completing daily grinds to unlock Boxes. Boxes give random loot every time you open them — and there’s always a chance you’ll get a few Gems from each one. Let’s start with a quick explanation on how to earn Gems.


How To Earn Gems

Gems are earned, primarily, through Brawl Boxes. On average, you’ll only get about 30~ Gems per 100 Brawl Boxes, which is a pretty low percentage, but Brawl Boxes are the best path to travel if you want to earn free Gems.

Daily, you can earn about 4 Brawl Boxes. Some days, you’ll be able to purchase extra boxes.

  • You’re awarded 1 free Brawl Box daily, just for checking in.
  • Complete the daily Star Token challenge to earn 1.
  • Complete 2 daily Token challenges to earn 2.
  • Spending any Tickets you have leftover — 100 Tickets = 1 Brawl Box.
    • Or 300 Tickets = 1 Big Brawl Box

It’s slow progression, but if you play daily, you’ll be chipped away and earning Gems — enough to unlock some cool stuff in the store. Before you start spending, let’s talk about what you want to purchase, and what you want to avoid.

What To Spend Gems On & What To Avoid

There’s a lot of nice stuff you can purchase, including early access to certain Brawlers, and tons of cosmetic skins you can grab for each individual. Skins can be cheap (at only about 30 gems) to pretty expensive (300 gems for top tier skins) — but everything is essentially optional.

  • To keep progress fast and fun, you’ll want to use your saved Gems to unlock Token / Ticket Doublers.
    • Gold is the most common currency, so you generally don’t need to spend money to get it. But, you can also opt to purchase a Gold Doubler.

Cosmetics like Skins are completely optional, and don’t change how you play, or give you any advantage. Don’t bother spending Gems on Skins until you’ve maxed-out and hit the end-game.

You can also spend gems to unlock Brawlers. You’ll unlock all of them simply by playing the game lots and progressing, you don’t need to spend valuable Gems to get them early. Even if there’s someone you really, really want — sometimes it’s better to practice with everyone else, first!

Still, 30 Gem skins are pretty affordable, so if you’re sitting on extra Gems (or don’t mind spending some real cash) then that’s a safe little extra thing you can purchase.