Top 10 Best Android Strategy Games

The Banner Saga
Enjoy strategic gameplay? Luckily there are plenty of mobile video games on both iOS and Android that offers a nice selection of strategy titles. Now if you’re on the go and want to dive into an epic journey or command an army into battle, here are the top ten must-have strategy Android games right now. Did we miss out on a title? Let us know what strategy titles should be on this list by leaving a comment down below!


Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Google Play |$3.99

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is a different kind of take on the tower defense strategy genre. Normally, players are tasked with the defense side of things as they prepare for waves of enemies. However, with this particular video game players are on the offense and must decide which squads to send out and lead troops through the various invader defenses.


Frozen Synapse Prime

Google Play | $4.31

Frozen Synapse puts players into a small rebel faction that must overthrow a massive corporation. Controlling a strike team of soldiers, strategically guide the group over forty challenging missions along with various other game modes such as deathmatches, rescuing hostages, and protecting VIPs.


Age of Sparta

Google Play| Free

On the verge of an attack by Xerxes and his Persian army, players are tasked with building a city worthy of the gods and fill it with an army ready to take on anything that may challenge them. Gameplay is what you would expect from a strategy title, players will command their army in attacks, construct their city, and even join up with allies in order to team against other enemies.


Boom Beach

Google Play | Free

Boom Beach comes from the same developers that brought out the very popular Clash of Clans, Super Cell. Players are given their own tropical island in which you’ll have to build up and prepare to defend it from other invading troops. Likewise, players are able to construct teams to search for other enemy bases to attack and scavenge the loot left over.


Clash of Clans

Google Play | Free

Just as we mentioned from our previous point, Clash of Clans is developed by Super Cell, the same development team that has brought out Boom Beach. Within Clash of Clans, players get to embark on a fantasy journey as they raise armies, build up their community, and fight off invading enemies that will range from wizards, dragons, to goblins. If you enjoy Boom Beach then you’ll feel right at home with Clash of Clans.


XCOM Enemy Within

Google Play | $9.99

XCOM Enemy Within may have a steep price tag compared to other titles on this list but its well worth it. This strategy title follows the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown where gamers will have to manage their headquarters, develop new technology advancements and fend off the invading alien threats.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Google Play | Free

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is our only card based strategy title within this list. Blizzard truly made something special with this game as players can construct a variety of decks to battle against gamers and friends online. There are plenty of ways gamers can earn new cards and packs making the game easy for new players to join in on the fun without having to spend countless dollars on in-game content.


Plague Inc.

Google Play | Free

Plague Inc. is a slightly different strategy title. Within the game players are tasked with creating a super virus, one that will be capable of taking out the entire world population. However, it’s harder than it sounds as scientists around the globe begin to study and work on vaccinations to prevent your bug from claiming anymore lives. The game quickly becomes a race as players tweak their virus to harm various parts of the body along with how the virus becomes transmitted.



Civilization Revolution 2

Google Play | $9.99

If you ever played a Civilization video game then you’ll easily pick up the gameplay of Civilization Revolution 2. Players will once again build up their communities, decide how to advance certain aspects, make peace between certain territories or go to war. Gamers can even start out within the Stone Age and watch their civilization grow into modern day. As one of the more popular strategy based video game franchises to begin with, we highly recommend giving Civilization Revolution 2 a download.


The Banner Saga

Google Play | $4.99

The Banner Saga is a critical acclaim tactical role-playing video game by developers Stoic. This viking-themed title has players leading a caravan where choices may lead to grim consequences. Overall, the video game centers on the return of a warlike race known as the Dredge. As players go through the campaign, their decisions will determine the fates of both man and Varl.