Brawl Stars: 12 Tips To Help You Get Started | Beginner’s Guide

Brawl Stars, the new game from Clash Royale creator Supercell, sends you into action in a variety of team-based online multiplayer game modes on your iOS and Android.

Like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, it’s also totally F2P. The game is available to download on iOS and Android right now, so why not give it a try? It’s already a huge success, with over 10 millions earned through in-app purchases in the first week.

Whether you’re new to Brawl Stars, or looking to give this team-based game a go, we’re here to help with 12 simple tips you’ll want to keep in mind for your coming clashes. There are a ton of different game modes (called events) to play, either with friends or strangers.

It’s best to just dive in and try everything out yourself, but if you’re overwhelmed and don’t want your first impressions to turn negative, here are 12 simple tips to help you out.

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#1: Don’t Rush In Solo! Go With Your Team

Most of the competitive game modes in Brawl Stars put you in a small team. If you want to win, you’ll want to wait for your team — even if you respawn first. It’s better to wait near the spawn so you can enter the fray with all your friends then get ganged-up on when you go it alone.

  • NOTE: Beware the enemy spawn point. When you spawn, you have a short window of invincibility. There’s no reason to spawncamp — you’ll just get blasted. Try to hold the center and don’t push further.

#2: Want To Counter Shotgunners? Always Check The Bushes

Shotgunners love to hide in bushes, and if you’re not careful, they’ll spring out and blast you at point-blanc range, putting you down for good. It’s worth wasting the ammo and checking those bushes for bad guys.

#3: When You Need To Heal, Don’t Attack! 

Attacking actually cancels your healing. When you need to heal, don’t tap anyone and try to attack. You can only heal when you’re not shooting.

#4: Go For Those Power Cubes

Power Cubes are pickups you can grab mid-battle that increase your health and damage. The more a player has collected, the more they’ll drop when they’re defeated — essentially, you’ll get 50% of the Power Cubes a player is carrying when they’re defeated. So, if you’re fighting someone with 8 Power Cubes, they’ll drop 4. Keep that in mind!

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