Darksiders 3: How To Unlock The ‘Soul Reaper’ Achievement / Trophy Easily

To unlock the ‘Soul Reaper’ achievement / trophy in Darksiders 3, you’re going to need to collect a grand total of one million souls. That’s a ridiculously high number, and normally that’s going to take more than one full playthrough. But, if you’re looking to unlock the achievement / trophy quickly without a lot of effort, you can use this handy trick that’s baked right into the game.

Essentially, the game will count “collecting” souls as your grand total, even if you don’t have that many souls in your possession. That might sound complicated, but it’s very easy. This same trick works with just about any other collectible — you can collect 15 humans in one save file, then 5 more in another to unlock the “Humanitarian” achievement / trophy, for example. I’ll explain exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, in the full guide below.

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How To Unlock The ‘Soul Reaper’ Achievement / Trophy Easily

[NOTE: This trick may not work with the latest patch. Uninstall and reinstall Darksiders 3 with your internet connection disabled to return to the factory standard. You’ll retain your save files.]


To unlock the ‘Soul Reaper’ and the ‘Soul Harvester’ achievement in just a few minutes, you’ll need to reach the end of the game. When you’re exploring the Scar, or right before the battle against Pride, you should have plenty of opportunity to collect a large amount of souls.

  1. Collect a lot of souls. Either farm enemies, or break open clusters until you have a large amount.
    • 100,000~ is a good number to save, but you can do this with less / more. The more you have, the easier this method is.
  2. Go to a late-game area with enemies near a Serpent Hole. Exit the Serpent Hole, and die to the enemies so that you leave your souls behind.
  3. Respawn at the Serpent Hole, then go and collect your souls. Let the enemies kill you again.
  4. Respawn, and go get your souls again. Rinse and repeat until you’ve collected the equivalent of 1,000,000 souls.

This works because the game counts “collecting” souls, no matter the source. You can simply collect 250k souls four times, and you’ll complete the requirements to unlock ‘Soul Reaper’. As stated above, this trick works for other achievements / trophies, too. You can use this same trick to complete your Human collection and unlock ‘Humanitarian’ — you just need to start a new game and collect the remaining amount of humans.

I need to make clear — this is not a method to farm souls. You won’t actually earn any extra souls. This is simply a method to quickly and easily unlock the ‘Soul Reaper’ achievement / trophy, which is one of the hardest to unlock in the game if you do it the slow way.