Will The PlayStation Classic Affect Retro Gaming Interest & Resellers?

The Classic Edition consoles have carved out its own place within the video game industry market thanks to Nintendo really kicking off the plug-and-play style systems with the Nintendo Classic Edition. Hoping to move some units from a pure nostalgic factor, the response and reception was such a success that Nintendo ended up selling out its stock with a demand for more units from fans. Banking on this success Nintendo put out another edition for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System along with providing another run for the Nintendo Entertainment Classic Edition.

It was a bit of a surprise with Sony unveiling its own take on the Classic Edition with the original PlayStation console. Known simply as the PlayStation Classic, the unit comes with twenty video game titles along with two controllers though it’s worth mentioning that these controllers are the original PlayStation SCPH-1010 model which means it doesn’t come with the analog sticks. That alone could be a big red flag for gamers interested in going back to enjoy the retro console. However, what we’re really wondering is how these Classic Editions will affect the community that actively hunts for retro video games to those who resells retro video games in the online market.

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Who better to ask than Jonathan Reno, or better known online as Renebean. Renebean is both an avid video game collector and reseller who runs his own YouTube channel to showcase what it’s like to be a video game hunter and collector along with all the issues that come up with it. With a massive collection that took years to gather and consistently refurbishing consoles, peripherals along with video games to sell online, we got to sit down and speak with him over the PlayStation Classic.

Gameranx: What are your overall thoughts on the PlayStation Classic? Would this be a good sell for those who are after the nostalgic factor?

Renebean: It’s hard to say if it’s a good buy for the games it comes with. I guess it depends on the buyer themselves and who they’re marketing to personally. For $100 and twenty games it’s not bad for someone who wants to get into retro gaming without actually doing the legwork, but as a collector, it’s a pretty steep price for twenty fairly common games in an emulator box. However, if it’s hackable like the other Classic Edition consoles then it’s not too bad considering the HDMI upscaling. Still, I’ll pass on this unit until a significant price drop or if I get one used.

The collector in me will get this unit eventually but it won’t be for a $100.

There are people who are pretty unhappy with some of the game choices. Sony left out quite a few games that really made the system a classic. It would be like Nintendo leaving out Mario and Zelda in their Classic Editions. From what I hear there isn’t dual analog support for the controllers so that may be a mess with certain games as well. The collector in me will get this unit eventually, but it won’t be for a $100.

Gameranx: Are these Classic Editions helping or actually affecting the reselling market and can this affect interest in retro gaming?

Renebean: That was a big conversation with the game hunting community regarding if these will mess with prices and honestly I haven’t seen the prices of games go down enough to be really noticeable. When we heard of Earthbound being on the SNES Classic people were freaking out thinking their $150 game would be worthless but nothing happened and it still remains at that price. If Classic Edition consoles affected anything it’s the speed at which resellers are able to sell stuff. Before these units, it was either playing a ROM on a computer or buying the hardware and software.

…All these Classic edition consoles coming out it’s just shining more light on this awesome hobby…

Now that these units are available it’s an easier option for those who want a quick nostalgic fix but it hasn’t hurt the market if anything it’s helped the retro community by bringing even more attention and potential gamers interested in hunting down the real hardware or video games.

For years now everyone from hunters, collectors to resellers that game prices and retro collecting will die and that may be true but from what I have seen it won’t happen for a long time. I’m thinking ten years from now people will still be collecting maybe not as much as now but collecting is bigger than ever and with all these Classic Edition consoles coming out it’s just shinning more light on this awesome hobby and I don’t think it’s hurting at all.

Gameranx would like to thank Jonathan Reno for speaking with us. Likewise, we recommend checking out his YouTube channel within the source link below as he posts retro video game hunting videos along with showcasing how to repair both video games and the consoles.

[Source: Renebean]