Star Wars Battlefront 2 Details Upcoming Geonosis Map, AT-TE Vehicle, and First Look at Obi-Wan Kenobi

The latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 update from EA has come through and new details have been received about their upcoming Geonosis map, new vehicle AT-TE, and a sneak peek at Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I mean a lot of details about the new update has been received and fully detailed. So let’s tackle the first new thing, which is the latest vehicle the AT-TE. This is an iconic vehicle from the Attack of Clones movie and to see it running in the game will no doubt be amazing. The forum goes on to explain how this AT-TE is a centerpiece of the new map.

Read the full details on the new vehicle down below:

The centerpiece of Geonosis is the AT-TE. This six-legged armored walker is fully controllable and plays a vital role on the battlefront.

One of the key differences between the AT-TE and any other vehicle in the game is that they are dynamically dropped in real-time into the playable space as the battle goes on. This creates a lot of interesting scenarios and we are excited to see how this plays out once Geonosis arrives later this month.

What this also means is that you will not be able to pick the AT-TE from the spawn screen. You will encounter them within the environment itself. One might be dropped in just ahead of you, or you might turn a corner to see one, ready and waiting for you to jump in.

The forum goes on to explain the three phases of the Geonosis map, which includes re-activating the damaged AT-TE, a Hardcell troop transport, and securing the turbo lasers. Thanks again to the highly detailed post, gamers now have a play by play of how each of the phases will go, check the three phases out down below:

The first phase is very much focused on infantry combat with the Clones needing to call in reinforcements and re-activate a damaged AT-TE. During this phase, the objective of the Droids is to stop them.

This phase will take place in typical Geonosian canyons with plenty of pathways and cover available.

The second phase marks the shift from infantry to vehicular combat. With vehicles now coming into play, the tight canyons will give way to a vast battlefront, meaning a change in tactics and gameplay will be required.

The objective during this phase is to bring down or defend (depending on your team) two Hardcell Troop Transports. Mechanically and gameplay-wise, this objective is a mixture of the destroy objective (as seen on Crait with the generators) and walkers. The Hardcell Troop Transports are static objects that the Clones need to destroy before they run out of tickets.

However, they need to be weakened before serious damage can be dealt to them (similarly to walkers). This can be achieved by using the special ability of the AT-TEs. This ties into the overarching theme of Geonosis of the AT-TE’s being the cornerstone of the battle.

The third phase is an all-out attack by the Clones. Their goal is to recapture some abandoned Turbolasers to take down the Droid Core Ship. During this phase, the Droids must do everything they can to defend the Turbolasers or loss will be imminent.
Gameplay-wise, this is a capture point, but with a twist.

As noted earlier, we didn’t want to create a narrow funnel towards the end of this battle, so this capture point is actually around 200 meters wide. You may be inclined to think that this could turn into an infinitely contested objective. To prevent this from occurring, the capture point can only be captured by the AT-TEs. In addition to this, the capture can’t be contested.

This creates a scenario where the Clones know that they need to escort their AT-TEs into the area, so they can capture it. At the same time, the Droids can see these slow-moving giants’ approach from a distance and plan accordingly.

The intent here is to create the feeling of a battle where the game is not won or lost by a single person sneaking in and taking an objective. Rather, it’s an entire army moving forward and playing the objective together.

And lastly, we got a sneak peek at the highly anticipated character, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not much has been shown off, but we do get a glimpse of how he will look (green lightsaber will be fixed) when he finally arrives in the game.

Check out Kenobi himself down below:

In recent Battlefront 2 news, EA has finally added the highly anticipated character General Grievous in the multiplayer shooter. More details about how Grievous plays have been posted in an earlier article, click here to get the full details.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Forums