Red Dead Redemption 2: All Rock Carvings Locations | Collectibles Quest Guide

Another special collectible, rock carvings are bizarre images cut into the mountain landscape of Red Dead Redemption 2. Hilariously, some of these rock carvings show images of the future — including nuclear explosions, pictures of the atom, and skyscrapers. The man that needs you to find these collectibles won’t say much, but it’s plainly clear something is wrong with him. Is he from the future too? You’ll need to complete his stranger mission to find out.

The mission, called “Geology for Beginners” is located in a cabin up the road northwest of Strawberry. You can’t miss it — and you’ll probably encounter him all on your own while exploring. Talk to him, the man’s name is Francis Sinclair, and he’ll send you to find all ten rock carvings. We’ve got the locations listed below. Rock carvings are always on the side of, well, a big rock. You’ll need to climb up (or down) cliffs to get at these rare images.

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All Rock Carvings Locations | Collectibles Quest Guide

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The rock carving quest, “Geology for Beginners” is located northwest of Strawberry. Talk to Francis Sinclair at his cabin to begin the quest. For each Rock Carving you examine, go to the post office to send your findings. Find all ten to complete the quest — you’ll be able to get a unique ingredient required to unlock the Ravenclaw Talisman, available from any Fence.

  • Rock Carving Locations:
    • Carving #1: On a cliff overlooking the burned-down town in New Hanover, northwest of Flatiron Station. Find it southwest of Horseshoe Overlook.
    • Carving #2: Near the very peak of Mount Shannon, right next to the first “T” in “WEST ELIZABETH” on your map.
    • Carving #3: In West Elizabeth, on a rocky ledge near the water, in the southwest corner of Owanjila Lake.
    • Carving #4: At the very peak of Mount Hagen, just southwest of the map marker, in the Grizzlies West region.
    • Carving #5: On a rock to the north of the bridge at Whinyard Strait, in Ambarino.
    • Carving #6: North of Fort Wallace, right next to the “B” and “S” of “BACCHUS STATION” on your map. Venture onto the rocky cliffside facing the Dakota River.
    • Carving #7: South, past the river, from Widow Rock, in the west Cumberland Forest area. Find a rope bridge crossing the Dakota River — the rock carving is on a ledge above.
    • Carving #8: On a rocky ledge above the Heartland Overflow, south of Moonstone Pond.
    • Carving #9: On the eastern shore of Elysian Pond in New Hanover.
    • Carving #10: North of Annesburg, on a rocky tiered ledge east of Deer Cottage.

Turn in all ten carving locations, and you’ll earn the following rewards.

  • 1 Carving: Kentucky Bourbon, $10
  • 5 Carvings: Rock Statue (Sell)
  • 10 Carvings: Invitation Letter, Old Brass Compass