Mega Man 11: Easy Bolt Farming Guide | Early & Late Game Quick Cash Methods

Mega Man 11 is a tough game, and if you want to conquer all the Robot Masters, you’ll need lots of items. To get items and upgrades, you’ll need bolts. And bolts aren’t so easy to come by in each stage — unless you know exactly where to look.

Purchasing items makes each level much, much easier. You can buy tons of Energy Tanks so you’ll always be stocked-up on health, purchase extra lives, grab protection so spikes won’t kill you instantly, or enhance yourself with chips. You can give yourself bigger buster shots, more friendly summons, or even protect yourself with one-use armor that halves all damage you take for a level.

Keeping a healthy supply of bolts makes life way, way easier. Here’s a couple great places to farm for bolts in Mega Man 11.

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Easy Bolt Farming Guide | Early & Late Game Quick Cash Methods


NOTE: Purchase the Bolt Catcher in Dr. Light’s Lab as early as possible. This item will cause Bolts to appear more frequently in stages.

Early Game Method:

Right at the start of Blockman’s Stage, you’ll reach a raised platform. Just after two slow-moving enemies spawn, two more will spawn ahead. From this raised platform, you can simply run back and forth, respawning each set of small enemies. They’re very easy to kill, and you can just keep running back and forth to keep them spawning forever.

This isn’t the best method in the game. There’s another, better farming location that’s only available once you’ve reached the second stage of Wily’s Castle.

Late Game Method:

Go to Wily Stage 2 — then reach the second room. There’s a conveyor belt with three enemy spawners. Enemies will continuously spawn from three generators. A fourth enemy will also spawn from the ceiling.

We simple. Just let a dozen or so enemies spawn, then take out all the enemies with charged shots. The power-ups and bolts will drop onto the conveyor belt and slide over to Mega Man.

And that’s it! Just farm here until you’ve got enough bolts to buy anything you want.

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