Mega Man 11: How To Beat Every Level | No Weapons / Upgrades Guide [VIDEO]

Mega Man 11 pulls no punches. This is a tricky game, and if you want to win, you’ll probably want to purchase some of those powerful upgrades or unlock a few weapons. Every boss has a weakness, and the game even lets you lower the difficulty at any time to make things easier.

We won’t be doing any of that for our Mega Man 11 video guide. In this series, you’ll see how to beat each and every individual level without using power-ups, boss weapons, or upgrades. And this is all done on Normal Difficulty, so no wimping out this time. If you’re struggling and need help conquering one (or all!) the stages in Mega Man 11, or if you just want to watch Erich (our video guide guy) kill himself as he tries to beat every level with the vanilla skillset, just watch below.

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How To Beat Every Level | No Weapons / Upgrades Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new level guides!]

The video guides here will show you how to complete every level with vanilla Mega Man. That means that we’re following these guidelines:

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Boss Weapons: Not Used
  • Upgrades: None Purchased
  • Power-Ups: Yes, Please Get These
  • Double Gear Use: Absolutely Required
  • Extra Lives: Need Lots Of These

We’re playing on Normal Difficulty. We’re going to avoid using Boss Weapons, especially against the end-of-level Robot Master fights. No upgrades will be purchased, but Extra Lives are going to get used.

These are tricky levels, so if you’re really not interested in beating the bosses the “fair” way with just your Mega Buster, I’ll also provide the boss weaknesses under each video, listed below. Here we go.

Acid Man’s Stage

Acid Man [Weakness: Block]

Impact Man’s Stage

Impact Man [Weakness: Acid]

Bounce Man’s Stage

Bounce Man [Weakness: Impact]

Fuse Man’s Stage

Fuse Man [Weakness: Bounce]

Tundra Man’s Stage

Tundra Man [Weakness: Fuse]

Torch Man’s Stage

Torch Man [Weakness: Tundra]

Blast Man’s Stage

Blast Man [Weakness: Torch]

Block Man’s Stage

Block Man [Weakness: Blast]

Wily Stage 1


Wily Stage 2


[More coming soon!]