Mega Man 11: How To Easily Beat Every Robot Master | Boss Weakness Order

The Robot Masters return in Mega Man 11, and like all those classic games, there’s a proper order to facing each of the eight levels. After beating a boss, you’ll acquire a new special weapon for Mega Man, which he can then use against the other Robot Masters. Each Robot Master (the game’s term for an end-of-level boss) has one particular weakness. Part of the fun is discovering each weakness for yourself, and running through levels multiple times to discover how to beat the bosses.

But we don’t all have the patience for that. If you want to know the perfect order for taking down all the bosses, here’s a quick list showing you just that — what bosses to fight, in what order, and what all their weaknesses are. Naturally, this isn’t the only order that’s viable in Mega Man 11. You can take these bosses on in any order you want and still win. The trick is finding the best weapon for each encounter, and using that weapon to totally cream the right boss — when a boss is weak against a weapon, that weapon turns a tough battle trivial.

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How To Easily Beat Every Robot Master | Boss Weakness Order


To easily wipe out every Robot Master, just follow this Boss Order — defeat the bosses in this order, collect their weapons, and use those weapons on the next boss on the list.

  • BOSS ORDER: Defeat the Robot Masters In This Order
    1. Acid Man [Weakness: Block]
    2. Impact Man [Weakness: Acid]
    3. Bounce Man [Weakness: Impact]
    4. Fuse Man [Weakness: Bounce]
    5. Tundra Man [Weakness: Fuse]
    6. Torch Man [Weakness: Tundra]
    7. Blast Man [Weakness: Torch]
    8. Block Man [Weakness: Blast]

After defeating the eight robot masters, you’ll unlock the final Fortress stages, and fight Dr. Wily. These bosses also have unique weaknesses — so let’s get into those.

  • Final Stages Weakness List:
    • Wily’s Fortress Stage 1: Use the Buster against the eye.
    • Wily’s Fortress Stage 2: Use Fuse on the exterior, and Impact in the center.
    • Wily Boss Battle Stage 1: Use fully-charged Blast.
    • Wily Boss Battle Stage 2: Use Fuse from below.