Megaman 11 Will Cater To Different Types Of Gamers

For many, Megaman sits on the throne with other classic video game heavyweights such as Mario, Castlevania and Metroid. It’s a series with lots of history and lots of respect from both gamers and developers alike. This means that when a modern iteration of a game gets announced, there is both an air of excitement and fear.

With Megaman 11 it seems like we will be leaning to the former rather than the later – in an Interview with Koji Oda and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya at E3, Gamereactor spoke to the gaming giants on what we can expect with the upcoming game.

“So aside from the improvements in visuals and sound we also implemented a lot of things that make the game a lot more accessible to pretty much anybody,” Oda explained. “The fact that we implemented this double gear system, we’ve implemented multiple difficulty modes, so you’re able to really dive in and play the game the way that you see fit; there’s not just one way to play the game. So it’s really designed in a way that anybody can jump in.”

“So with the double gear system I’ll explain the speed gear first. So what this does is it’s able to alter time and make the environments feel slower than they’re actually going. What this really does is, if you’re running up against a difficult obstacle, you’re having trouble avoiding traps, or avoiding enemy fire, you can utilise this.”

“The other component is the power gear. So what this does is it takes the Mega Buster, raises its power, but not only that, you’re able to utilise it for other weapons and make them a lot stronger as well.”

Looks like Megaman 11 is set to cater to gamers from all different types of spheres. Excited? Let us know in the comments down below.