10 Video Game Franchises We Can’t Believe Haven’t Been Rebooted Yet

[Update: A franchise on this list is finally receiving a new installment.]

With so many video game franchises receiving new installments practically every year we can’t help but look back at some of the forgotten IPs. There are a ton of great video game franchises that we’d love to see a return on today’s latest consoles but for whatever reason, they tend to stay shelved by the IP owners.

We listed ten franchises that we hope are given a proper reboot or even a new installment in the near future. However, there are certainly more that we could add to this list. As a result, make sure to bookmark this page as we’ll continue to add more franchises and updates. With that said, let us know what video game franchises you hope to see a comeback in the near future by leaving a comment down below.

Dino Crisis

Capcom has a strong following with their Dino Crisis video game franchise. The video game series came out in 1999 for the PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC platforms. Essentially, this game was Resident Evil but with dinosaurs and other monsters. Overall the game series was a hit where it spanned a total of three main installments among a couple spinoff titles.

Unfortunately, the third main installment seemed to have been the last. Dino Crisis 3 came out in 2013 where reviews were a bit mixed. Despite the less than spectacular reviews, the game series was still highly beloved.

We’re actually a bit surprised that Dino Crisis hasn’t received a reboot or new installment. There have been talks in the past with rumors suggesting that developers may bring out a new video game but so far nothing has been confirmed.

Streets of Rage [UPDATE]

[Update: Just days after this was posted, Streets of Rage 4 was finally announced! Let’s hope this becomes a trend with the other picks on this list.]

Streets of Rage is another classic video game franchise that originated in the arcades. This is an old-school side-scrolling beat ‘em up title in which players fought off criminals and other thugs with boss fights littered throughout.

All three main installments to the game were released within the early 1990s and while the third installment, Streets of Rage 3, didn’t receive as much praise in comparison the past installments, the game series is still a cherished hit.

Oddly enough Sega has shelved this franchise. Outside of being part of different compilation discs and digitally available for download, we haven’t seen a new Streets of Rage title in decades. With the success Sega had with Sonic Mania, perhaps some of these classic franchises will be released once again on today’s latest generation consoles.

In fact, a few years ago a leaked video showcased a potential reboot of the franchise that Ruffian Games was working on but it was ultimately canned.

Bloody Roar

I’ve spent countless hours playing Bloody Roar with friends over the years. This was a fighting game series developed by Hudson Soft and Eighting. The game was similar to other basic fighting titles over the years such as Tekken but the biggest difference was that cast of characters could transform into different creatures. Throughout the match, players could gain the ability to morph into a sub-human that would be mixed with different animals such as a tiger, mole, rabbit, fox, and an elephant.

Over the years more characters were included into the rooster with there being a total of five video game installments. The last installment was Bloody Roar 4 which came out exclusively on the PlayStation 2. This fourth installment didn’t receive poor reviews but after Hudson Soft was acquired by Konami, the series has not seen a new installment.

Likewise, Konami as of late hasn’t really done much with their various franchises. Every so often there will be a post online with fans rallying up to the thought of a new Bloody Roar title but right now it doesn’t appear Konami has any interest in their Bloody Roar franchise.


TimeSplitters is an FPS that was created by Free Radical Designs. The series was a more lighthearted cartoonish video game filled with futuristic weaponry and time travel that allowed players to fight in a wide range of maps. Overall, the video games from the series were just a blast to play.

Only three titles were released in the franchise with the last being TimeSplitters: Future Perfect which came out in 2005. This was actually a hit among both fans and critics so it was a bit odd to see how much time has passed since we have received a new video game release.

There have been statements and cancellations in the past for a TimeSplitters 4 though years have passed and this game never came to fruition. With that said, this reboot may actually happen after all as Koch Media had acquired the rights to the TimeSplitters IP in August of 2018.

So far the only news regarding TimeSplitters was the IP being acquired but this could likely mean that a new title is coming in the near future.

Sunset Riders

We don’t see too many video games set in the old west in today’s latest generation of consoles. However, one title I fondly remember playing on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Sunset Riders. I was horrible at it but I easily sunk countless hours trying to get farther. This is another Konami owned title so I’m not holding my breath for a new installment, but if you haven’t played the game then you’re missing out.

This was a side-scrolling run and gun style video game where players take the role of a bounty hunter having to track and take out wanted criminals. The game launched in the early 1990s for the arcade, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, all of which featured cooperative multiplayer.

Just thinking about this game has me interested in going back and trying my luck to see just how much further I can get today. Now the game is relatively pricey to purchase online so it goes to show kids, save your video games to avoid having to pay a hefty price to acquire them again later in life.

Again, much like several of these video game titles on this list, there was a positive reception regarding the title though for whatever reason we never saw the franchise continue on.

Gunstar Heroes

Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased with this list because there’s just so many great video games I remember playing over the years that I really wish would make a return such as Gunstar Heroes. This is such a fantastic run-and-gun video game where players fight off a slew of enemies and boss fights in an attempt to save civilization from an evil organization.

An interesting aspect of the game was how players could swap out different power-ups in order to create a unique weapon. There were a few power-ups that players could mix and match resulting in rapid fire, long-range missiles or a heavier hitting short ranged attack.

The game launched in 1993 by developers Treasure and published under Sega. Players could go through the game on the Sega Genesis and needless to say, the game was a mega hit. In 2005 the franchise had finally received a sequel for the Game Boy Advanced called Gunstar Super Heroes and while there were a few changes to the gameplay mechanics, fans still thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Luckily gamers can still enjoy the original title on various platforms such as Steam where the game is currently only $0.99. If you have yet to try the game then definitely throw down a dollar and give Gunstar Heroes a download.


The MediEvil series is a Sony PlayStation exclusive that played out as an action-adventure hack-and-slash video game. Throughout the series, players take the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque who is an undead charlatan knight fighting off evil to keep the lands at peace. This series grew a cult following with both the gameplay and visuals being lighthearted and fun.

Outside of fighting off a variety of enemies that included massive bugs and creatures, the game featured collectibles to find along with puzzles to solve. There’s even a bit of platforming for players to go through, but despite its following, only three main video games released with the third, MediEvil: Resurrection being a re-imagining of the very first title for the PlayStation Portable.

Things may be looking up for the franchise as Sony had announced a remaster of the first MediEvil title for the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, this will spark a proper reboot or new installments to the franchise.

Parasite Eve

Square Enix has had a few video game titles over the years that done well but there are definitely some Square Enix franchises that fans are hoping to be revived. Parasite Eve is one of those great survival horror titles that played out like an action RPG. Within Parasite Eve players take on the role of a young female police officer.

Aya Brea was a police officer in New York City who had to fight off a creature that was attempting to destroy the human race. This was an interesting survival horror title with combat being almost turn-based where players had to select a hostile enemy to attack rather than freely attacking.

Since its initial release in 1998, the series spawned two sequels, Parasite Eve II in 1999 along with The 3rd Birthday in 2010. While the game franchise has been shelved, there was an easter egg for the franchise within a Final Fantasy VII Remake teaser, but it doesn’t appear the developers are pursuing a new installment or reboot anytime soon.

Destroy All Humans

Development team Pandemic Studios has made a number of great video game titles over the years which include Mercenaries, Star Wars: Battlefront, and what is making our list today, Destroy All Humans. This first title released in 2005 where players take on the role of an alien that must harvest DNA from humans which meant terrorizing society by flying around in your saucer or going about the game as a third-person shooter.

Due to its success, Destroy All Humans received a sequel just a year later which for the most part followed the same gameplay mechanics as the original. There were also additional features made available such as the ability take the form of a human in order to keep a low profile. Shortly after its release the development team, Pandemic Studios, had shut its doors for good.

The IP has since been under the control of THQ Nordic and while the publishers have kept the series going all the way up until 2009, the past two installments, Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed and Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon were poorly received.

Legacy of Kain

The Legacy of Kain series has been around for a long while now starting back in 1996 with the launch of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. This is a series that follows a grand quest featuring a vampire protagonist that set out to restore order in his world. A total of five main video games had released with the latest being Legacy of Kain: Defiance, a title that launched in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC platforms.

Generally, all of the games received positive reviews though with the franchise under the control of Square Enix we haven’t seen any new installments. Now fans have been pleading for a new installment or reboot for the franchise and it seems developers may be interested in working with the franchise.

In the past few years, there have been statements in the past that the developers from Crystal Dynamics have looked at old franchises and tossed around ideas on how to bring them back out in today’s market. Unfortunately Legacy of Kain has yet to receive its turn but we’re hoping that the franchise makes a comeback in the near future.