10 Video Game Franchises We Can’t Believe Haven’t Been Rebooted Yet

With so many video game franchises receiving new installments practically every year we can’t help but look back at some of the forgotten IPs. There are a ton of great video game franchises that we’d love to see a return on today’s latest consoles but for whatever reason, they tend to stay shelved by the IP owners.

We listed ten franchises that we hope are given a proper reboot or even a new installment in the near future. However, there are certainly more that we could add to this list. As a result, make sure to bookmark this page as we’ll continue to add more franchises and updates. With that said, let us know what video game franchises you hope to see a comeback in the near future by leaving a comment down below.

#10 Legacy of Kain

The Legacy of Kain series has been around for a long while now starting back in 1996 with the launch of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. This is a series that follows a grand quest featuring a vampire protagonist that set out to restore order in his world. A total of five main video games had released with the latest being Legacy of Kain: Defiance, a title that launched in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC platforms.

Generally, all of the games received positive reviews though with the franchise under the control of Square Enix we haven’t seen any new installments. Now fans have been pleading for a new installment or reboot for the franchise and it seems developers may be interested in working with the franchise.

In the past few years, there have been statements in the past that the developers from Crystal Dynamics have looked at old franchises and tossed around ideas on how to bring them back out in today’s market. Unfortunately Legacy of Kain has yet to receive its turn but we’re hoping that the franchise makes a comeback in the near future.

#9 Silent Hill

Silent Hill was such a massive survival horror franchise over the years. This Konami title first got started back during the original PlayStation by an in house team that went by the name Team Silent. After releasing the game and getting an incredibly positive reception, the group was able to continue on by delivering another three mainline installments. Each was highly anticipated and well-received, but Konami opted to disband the team and offer the IP to other western development studios.

If you’re familiar with the franchise, then you likely know that those later installments were not all that popular. It was clear the games were missing an in-depth narrative and lore that really allowed the franchise to shine. With that said, things started to take a turn for the better as Konami brought the franchise back and gave Hideo Kojima, a famed developer of theirs to work on an installment which was known as Silent Hills.

We only received a demo of the game which fans are still enjoying to this day, but the project was ultimately scrapped when Hideo Kojima had decided to leave Konami. This sparked a ton of outrage in the fan base community, but now years later were constantly hearing rumors and supposed leaks that suggest we may not be completely done with Silent Hill. The latest rumors claim that Sony would be bringing out a reboot for the PlayStation 5, though at the time of writing this, we’re uncertain if this is actually going to be the case or not. Still, for such a massive following decades after the release of the original Silent Hill title, it would make sense for Konami to allow a reputable studio to give this franchise another go on modern platforms.

#8 Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal blew up when it hit the market back in 1995 as the go-to vehicular combat video game. Players were given a slew of unique and wacky characters to take control as and dropped into a map where the goal is to destroy the opposing players. It’s an over-the-top action demolition derby with the use of guns, mines and other unique upgrades to toss at opponents. There have been quite a few video game installments released as well for this franchise since it first debuted for the original PlayStation with the latest being a 2012 reboot.

While it’s a pretty beloved video game franchise, there doesn’t seem to be any development in the works for a new installment. With that said, it does seem that a television series is actually in production. Perhaps the reception from the television series will actually spark an interest in going back to develop a new game, but only time will tell.

#7 Pokemon Snap

There’s no getting around the Pokemon franchise. It was a hit since back in the 1990s. Both veteran followers and newcomers are eager to either tune into the animated children’s series or pick up the variety of video game titles launched in the market. We’ve seen plenty of Pokemon games launch officially along with some slight spin-offs with one of the more prominent spin-off games being Pokemon Snap. This was a Nintendo 64 video game that acted as a first-person rail shooter.

In the game, players were a photographer that was tasked in helping Professor Oak capture some great nature photos featuring the various Pokemon in their natural habitats. Controlling a camera device, players were able to freely move the camera around, zoom-in and snap some photos. There were even little accessories that you could toss out in hopes of gathering the attention of specific Pokemon characters.

Despite its popularity, we never got a sequel to the game. Instead, Pokemon Snap remained a Nintendo 64 exclusive. This was a bit interesting to see as both the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch could have done a great job at mimicking a camera and snapping pictures.

#6 Bully

Rockstar may be best known for its highly controversial Grand Theft Auto video game franchise. It’s been around for years and each new installment comes with a slew of media attention and gamers flocking to retailers to secure their copy. However, back in 2006, we got a new IP called Bully. The video game was set in the same Grand Theft Auto universe but instead of the hard life city, the game setting was the Bullworth Academy. Players take the role of a kid named James Hopkins, better known as Jimmy.

Left at the academy from his parents, Jimmy is forced to deal with the various social classes of Bullworth Academy. From jocks, cheerleaders, preps, and bullies, life is certainly not easy in this private school. When it released, the game was hit with a slew of positive reviews, though there was still the case of controversy with media over the game and its setting. Still, there is a strong following with the title with fans hoping that a sequel would release into the market.

While the video game releases certainly slowed down from Rockstar Games after the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, perhaps we may finally see a reboot or a new entry to the Bully series. It’s been teased in the past, though nothing official has come out. One thing is for sure, there is a ton of players certainly interested in purchasing the game if Rockstar opts to pick the IP up again.