Original Resident Evil 4 Director Would Be Fine With Capcom Remaking The Game

There has been a big trend lately in the video game industry. We’re seeing more popular video game titles from years ago get picked back up once again and remade for modern platforms. It’s something that Capcom has taken up with a bit more frequently with the Resident Evil franchise as we received remakes for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 on this generation alone. Now the rumors are suggesting that Capcom is going to keep this trend going.

While Capcom has a ton of IPs available at their disposal to make a new remake for veterans and newcomers, it looks like we may continue to see the development studio push out more Resident Evil remakes. This is purely a rumor at the moment, but if proven to be true, we could see a remake release for Resident Evil 4, a big hit in the franchise and one that drastically changed around some of the mechanics we were used to from the series prior to that installment. 

Of course, there is some interest in what Shinji Mikami thinks of these rumors. If you’re not familiar with the name, this developer has been with Capcom for several years and released several video game titles including being the director behind Resident Evil 4. As a result, the question came up on his thoughts of a possible remake when the director spoke with IGN.

According to Shinji Mikami, he is completely fine with Capcom remaking the game, though he wouldn’t be in the know anymore as he’s with Tango Gameworks now. Still, the only thing Shinji asks for the new developers that take on the game is to make sure they do it well. 

From the past two remakes that came out for Resident Evil, it would seem that a Resident Evil 4 remake would be in good hands. Of course, the big question we would have and we’re sure it’s the same with other fans of the installment is if any changes are coming to the storyline. The past remakes have had certain content cut along with storylines expanded.

Source: IGN