The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Port Has A Rocky Launch

The Outer Worlds was a hit in 2019 when Obsidian Entertainment released its RPG for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. It was a game that acted much like Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout New Vegas release, where players could interact with a wide range of characters, explore, and embark on a storyline that adjusted to the choices you made. While fans enjoyed the game on the modern I’ve mentioned already, the game is finally releasing on the Nintendo Switch today. With that said, it’s a game that clearly could use some more work.

Footage has started to emerge along with reviews for the Nintendo Switch port of The Outer Worlds and it’s showing that the game is not the smoothest transition port from modern console platforms onto the Nintendo Switch. It’s clear that taking these big massively popular video games that are released on current platforms could be ported onto the Nintendo Switch, but you may be holding off on The Outer Worlds a bit before some patches make their way to the game. In the footage showing up online, the visuals leave a lot to be desired here as some textures seem blocky, smudged, or entirely missing.

It’s leaving quite a few disappointed fans who have been waiting for The Outer Worlds to release onto the Nintendo Switch. We’re not sure just when this game will start getting patches but it would seem that the Obsidian Entertainment would keep developers actively working to make sure this game in good shape as we’re getting story DLC in the future. 

Previously we learned that The Outer Worlds is receiving story DLC in the future and that content would also find its way on the Nintendo Switch platform. For now, the game is playable on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. If you need a bit more information on the game then check out our Before You Buy episode upload down below. With that said, please note that this footage does not represent the gameplay on Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube