We Happy Few: How To Use PC Console Commands | Useful Cheats Guide

Everyone loves to cheat just a little bit, and most PC games have cheats baked right into the engine thanks to the developer console — and We Happy Few absolutely has a developer console. Like any other game, you’ve got the standard compliment of useful commands to toggle God Mode, Flight, NoClip, turn off NPC AI, or summon any item you want, as long as you know what the name of the item is.

Playing around with console commands is a lot of fun, and below we’ve listed all the best commands we’ve found so far — along with a quick explanation, showing you how to enable console commands on your Steam copy of We Happy Few. It’s worth a little bit of experimentation, just make sure to only do it on a backed-up save file. You never know what can go wrong if you mess around with the developer console too much.

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How To Use PC Console Commands | Useful Cheats Guide

[WARNING: Using console commands is not officially supported, and may cause the game to crash. Use commands at your own risk!]

To enable the console in-game, you’ll need to make a few changes on Steam.

  • In-Game: Go to Options -> Developer Cheats -> Toggle ON
  • On Steam: Right-Click ‘We Happy Few’ -> Go To “Set Launch Options” -> Add “-console” & Save

NOTE: For the full release of the game, you may need to take a few extra steps.

  1. Find the We Happy Few config.ini file.
    • Locate your Steam / PC installation file for We Happy Few.
  2. Search for the following lines. Ctrl+F to search. If you can’t find them, add them to the bottom of the file and save. If they are already there, add / change to match:
    • [/script/glimpsegame.glimpseconsole]

Now you’ll be able to open the developer console after launching the game. Just press tilde [~]¬†to bring down the console window. Here, you can type in different commands to cheat. Some of them are very, very useful — you can spawn items, fly through walls, and unlock God Mode. If you’re familiar with the developer console on just about any PC game, then you’ll know how this work.


Developer Console Codes List

Here’s a list of some of the most useful commands we’ve found so far.

  • God
    • Toggles invincibility.
  • Heal
    • Fully heals the player.
  • UnlockInventory
    • Unlocks all inventory slots.
  • UnlockAllRecipes
    • Unlocks all crafting recipes.
  • Ghost¬†
    • Enables NoClip Mode. Can fly through walls. Disable with “Walk”.
  • Fly
    • Enables flight. Can’t fly through walls. Disable with “Walk”.
  • RevealMap
    • Removes fog of war on your map.
  • AIIgnorePlayers
    • AI will ignore the player completely. They won’t attack or get angry.
  • ShowHud
    • Toggles on / off the HUD. Perfect for getting screenshots.
  • Shot
    • Takes a screenshot.

Give Items List

  • Give [Item Name]
  • Give [#] [Item Name]
    • Use these codes to give yourself certain items, or a certain number of items.
    • Example: Give 200 Sovereign
  • Useful Items:
    • coin
    • sovereign
    • expansion kit
    • fab threads (impresses everyone, even wastrels)
    • blending suit (better stealth)
    • spiked suit (damaging padded suit)
    • Banger
    • blue molotov
    • shock grenade
    • electro hammer pipe
    • new formula dexipam (permanent max stamina upgrade)
    • new formula sanitol (permanent max HP upgrade)
    • sunshine (fake joy)