We Happy Few: 18 Tips To Help You Escape Wellington Wells | Beginner’s Guide

We Happy Few isn’t your standard gonzo FPS. It’s a lengthy game, and your trip through the blissed-out dystopia of Wellington Wells can be pretty overwhelming at times. You’re always under scrutiny from the cops and citizens alike, and staying alive can be tricky when you’re running low on Joy. To help you manage the many systems of We Happy Few, I’ve put together 18 tips I’ve gleaned while playing through the game.

We Happy Few is set in an alternate 1960s — let’s just say, WW2 didn’t work out quite the same way and leave it at that. As Arthur Hastings, the first of three playable protagonists, your goal is simple; escape, by any means necessary. You’ll have to sneak, sprint, and bash your way through multiple districts to reach the mainland. It’s a hard journey, so check out the strategies and suggestions below to learn more about this far-out, psychedelic game.┬áDon’t be a downer.

#1: Always Mind Your Manners

For the most part, the citizens of Wellington Wells won’t attack you if you follow the rules. The rules are simple in the ruined areas where the wastrels reside — don’t enter people’s houses, don’t steal their stuff, and don’t attack them. Oh — and you’ll need to wear crummier clothes. That’s important, too.

Each area (wastrel territory or civilized sections) has its own rules. The more “civilized” areas of town are much less forgiving. In addition to the basic crimes listed above, you’ll also need to stay off the streets after curfew (9 PM), wear clean clothes, and refrain from crouching, jumping, or sprinting. The people hate non-comformists, and they’ll form a killer mob instantly if you’re caught breaking the rules for too long. “Too long” is about five continuous seconds. They’re quick to anger.


#2: Flight Beats Might

Which leads to my second bit of advice. Don’t fight! Unless you’re caught in a hostile area that’s relatively lonely, there’s no reason to ever fight. It’s much better to run away than try to confront an entire mob of angry villagers. If the people are mad, their anger spreads quickly, bringing even more pissed people into the fracas.

Chomp on an apple and turn tail. Cowardice is the best strategy during a mob event. If you’ve entered bandit territory, that’s usually a good time to bust out the ol’ smacking stick. If you’re in the middle of town, you’ll want to run — and run fast. Look for dead-end alleys. There’s often a trash can. If you’re quick, you can hide. Hiding is just one stealth trick you can use to avoid fights. There are others!

If you’ve made the mob angry, you’ll want to find a calm place to chill until everyone calms down. After the alert passes, you’re free to go about your business again. There are no lasting repercussions.

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