We Happy Few: 18 Tips To Help You Escape Wellington Wells | Beginner’s Guide

#3: Stealth Is Your Best Weapon

Stealth is a far more powerful tool than fighting. Battle should be a last resort, because stealth is always the cleaner, smarter option. You can takedown enemies from behind — not counting especially tall enemies like Bobbies — and you can view the footsteps of enemies, even those you can’t see around corners, while you’re crouched.

There are lots of places you can hide. Any hiding spot is also a prime location to hide a body. A hidden body instantly disappears. Trash cans, dumpsters, carts, beds, and kitchen tables can all be used for hiding. As long as enemies don’t see you hide, you’ll be fine. You can also hide in tall sunflowers — but, if an enemy touches you there, you’re toast.

#4: Block, Shove & Aim For The Noggin

Eventually, you’re going to have to fight. There are two types of weapons — lethal and nonlethal, although most weapons are lethal. Both damage types are identical in function. A nonlethally defeated enemy will still stay down forever in-game. The real trick is in the fighting.

  • Elemental Attacks: Some weapons can cause bleeding effects or electric shock, or even fire-based damage. Experiment with them all, and save your status effect weapons for when you really need to fight. They’re the most powerful weapons in your inventory.

Always have at least one weapon in your inventory, and equip it if you’re under attack. Naturally, you don’t want to carry around a weapon in public. You’ll scare people! Only draw when you’re under attack, and always aim for the head.

Head hits do a lot more damage than standard. If an enemy is blocked, just shove them to knock them off balance — then combo them into submission. Attack in rapid succession, just as your attack lands, to string low-stamina-cost combos.

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