We Happy Few: How To Get The Golden Knocker | Unbreakable Weapon Location

In the world of We Happy Few, your weapons are pretty flimsy. After a handful of hits, even your toughest tools of destruction will crumble into nothing. You can repair weapons with special kits, but they’re expensive to craft. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to the problem, you can always collect the unique Golden Knocker — the Golden Knocker is an unbreakable weapon, which is a godsend in this game.

There’s only one Golden Knocker to find, and you’ll stumble into it in a few hours of gameplay in Arthur Hasting’s story. We’ll explain how to get it below. You’ll be forced to go to its location, but actually getting your hands on it can be a challenge.

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How To Get The Golden Knocker | Unbreakable Weapon Location


The Golden Knocker is located in the third floor of the Reform Club — a weird place for perverts in Maidenholm. The area is tightly guarded, and only becomes available to explore at night, after you’ve unlocked the quest to enter the area.

To actually enter the Reform Club, you’ll need to wait until after you’ve visited the Police Station and found Dr. Faraday’s location. She’s in Lud’s Holm, but you can’t cross the bridge without proper credentials. A quest called “The English Vice” will send you into the Reform Club to steal a set of credentials.

  • Getting Inside The Reform Club: You have two options.
    • Walk through the front door at night, and talk to the Bobbie. If you’re wearing a rubber catsuit, you’ll be allowed to enter. You can find a free rubber catsuit in the lockers to the right.
    • You can also pick the lock to the room to the right, and sneak into the vents. Look up in the center of the vents, and you can open a hatch leading into the stairwell behind the Bobbie’s locked gate.

Once you’re inside the Reform Club, go to the third floor and talk to the little old lady. She’ll give you a quest to find her keys — the Golden Knocker is in a special container behind the little old lady. Find her keys on the third floor. The keys are in the couch, in the room opposite her office.

Return the key to the little old lady for an easy 3 skill points. Next, knock her out — sneak and take her down (preferably with a nonlethal weapon) then loot her unconscious body to get the key back. Before unlocking the Golden Knocker shelf, press the button on her desk to reveal a hidden security terminal. Use a Shortspike to disable the security system.

Now that the security system is disabled, you can use the stolen key to unlock the Golden Knocker and take it with you. The text says the Golden Knocker degrades extremely slowly, but in my experience it doesn’t seem to degrade at all — I’ve been using it for hours in the wastrel territory, and haven’t seen the bar move an inch.