We Happy Few: All Chapter 1 Hatch Locations | Fast Travel Unlock Guide

Hatches are one of the most important unlockables in We Happy Few. If you want to move around the map quickly, you’ll need to find underground hatches and activate the fast-travel doors down below. Each hatch has five useful resources — a bed, a chemical station, a crafting work station, a pneumatic inventory, and a fast-travel track access door.

Once you unlock a fast-travel door, it will remain permanently unlocked for that chapter. You can continue to use the track access as much as you like. After entering a track-access door, you’ll be able to select any other track-access you’ve previously unlocked.

Hatches, and fast-travel in particular, are incredibly helpful for obvious reasons. The hatches change in each chapter, but many of them stay the same. Just to be safe, here are all 10 hatch locations for Chapter 1 of We Happy Few.

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All Chapter 1 Hatch Locations | Fast Travel Unlock Guide


Hatches are unique resources you can find in each district and sub-section of Wellington Wells. There is almost always one hatch per “square” on the map. Each hatch gives you access to a fast-travel point, a shared inventory box, a bed, a workbench and a chemical station.

  • NOTE: When searching for optional hatches in the Garden District, look for cottages with smoke billowing out of the chimney. Usually, they are guarded by two bandits. You can fight them, or use a jimmy bar to enter through the back window.

Hatches sometimes have quests related to unlocking them, and sometimes they’re totally optional. Most Garden District hatches are completely optional, while the main areas of Wellington Wells have more elaborate hatch quests.

You’ll almost always find useful items in hatches. Check the Chemical / Crafting stations to find one or two blueprints. You’ll also find useful items inside crates — make sure to crack open any crates with jimmy bars you find inside a hatch.

  • Chapter 1 Hatches:
    • St. George’s Holm Hatch: Break into the room near the hatch entrance to score a gas mask, then you’re free to explore the rest of the hatch. Repair the leaking gas and then activate the fans to clear the area. After that, you’re good to claim the hatch.
    • Secondary St. George’s Holm: Found in the southeast section of the town. Take the path to the southeast wing, and look for a locked door near a “Wellington Underground” sign. There’s a hatch inside.
    • Maidenholm Hatch: The Maidenholm Hatch is in a garden, not-too-far from the Reform Club. Underground, you’ll need to avoid the water flowing with electricity and disable the power, then drain the water and re-enable the power to take this place for yourself.
    • Eel Pie Hatch: The second hatch you’ll find. Look in the Funeral Home and enter through the back door window. Follow the wires and flip all the switches, then press the buttons in the correct order to unlock the passage to the hatch.
    • Eel Pie Hatch 1: From the first Eel Pie Hatch, travel northwest. Yes, this area is much larger than it first appears. This is a standard garden district hatch — a small cottage with smoke coming out of the chimney, with two bandit guards.
    • Eel Pie Hatch 2: You can travel even further northwest. Look for a single cottage with smoke.
    • Barrow Holm Hatch: The very first hatch you’ll unlock, right at the start of the game. After knocking out the enemy in the control room, in the sewers, before taking the ladder up you can unlock a track-access door.
    • Lud’s Holm Hatch: Found south of Dr. Faraday’s house / prison. It appears to be a standard cottage, but the underground is treacherous. The area is guarded by deadly plague wastrels. Sneak through the hole in the right wall and reactivate the power to chase the plague-ridden wastrels out. Seal the fences, and you can claim this hatch.
    • Lud’s Holm Hatch 2: The second Lud’s Holm hatch is a standard cottage hatch, found all over the Garden District.
    • Parade District: Found right up mainstreet, in a fashionable clothing store basement. Talk to the owner inside, then complete his fashion show quest to unlock the basement door and track-access point.

There are 10 total hatches in Chapter 1. Lud’s Holm and Eel Pie Holm are much, much larger areas than they seem initially — it helps a lot to unlock the extra hatches in these zones so you can travel around them much quicker, and return to complete additional side-quests.