Fallout 76 Perk Cards Not Available For Purchase

Fallout 76 is a big upcoming release for Bethesda and it’s rather unique in comparison to other titles from the franchise. Players are not diving into another deep narrative open world RPG campaign but instead an MMO full of there players exploring the Wasteland. This is more or less a survival game where players take on a role of a member of Vault 76.

Vault 76’s claim to fame is that it houses the first new settlers for the world. Only twenty-five years have passed since the nuclear war has ended and players are tasked with leaving the safe haven of their vault to help rebuild the new world. As players venture out into the wasteland, they’ll be greeted with other gamers online along with hostile mutated enemies.

During your exploration, you’ll be searching for a spot to start up your own settlements creation. The game will have players collecting resources and building up their settlement while protecting it from potential hazards.

Recently it was unveiled that Fallout 76 will use Perks like in previous games. These Perks will come in the form of cards and are extremely helpful in making upgrades to your character. While we don’t know what every Perk card does at the moment, you’ll find that by equipping a card you’ll get advantages such as decreasing the amount of weight for certain weapon ammo or increasing various outcome chances.

Being an MMO game there is bound to be plenty of worried gamers that some players will purchase Perk cards with actual in-game currency causing the gameplay to be unbalanced for players who don’t purchase the content. However, there’s nothing to worry about as the developers have stated that Period cards are only rewarded through leveling up within the game and cannot be purchased as a microtransaction item.

Instead, players are able to make purchases for more cosmetic items for Fallout 76 but details are still a bit unknown for what will be available for purchase.

Players will be able to pick up a copy ofFallout 76 this November 14, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

[Source: Gamespot]