We Happy Few: How To Find The Secret Kickstarter Room | Easter Egg Guide

Later in Chapter 1, there’s a very hidden room you can access in We Happy Few that lists out the entire roster of Kickstarter Backers — it’s kind of an Easter egg, it’s kind of a secret puzzle, and you’ll get one of the best weapons in the game if you manage to get inside. Here’s how to gain access to what we’re calling the “Secret Kickstarter Room” — not a very original name, but it kind of fits.

To get inside, you’ll need to revisit an area that changes later in the story. There are spoilers down below, so beware if you haven’t finished Arthur Hasting’s chapter. When returning to an area you already visited, you’ll find a strange puzzle. You can rotate three cat statues to unlock a hidden path in the building, leading to a secret room with the ultra-powerful, ultra-tough Sandman weapon.

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How To Find The Secret Kickstarter Room | Easter Egg Guide


The Kickstarter Room can be accessed later in Chapter 1 — after you’ve completed the quest “Haworth Labs” and escaped with the Cod liver Oil, you can access the hidden room.

Go to the newspaper office in St. George’s Holm — after escaping Haworth Labs, you’ll find that the entire office has been closed down. The front door is barred, and a Bobbie is posted there. To get inside, bribe the Bobbie with scotch and you’ll be able to easily enter safely.

Reach the Editor-in-Chief’s office on the second floor, behind the conference room. The office has been ransacked, but there’s a mysterious door you can examine in the back-right corner. It’s a secret door! And if you manipulate the three cat statues correctly, you can unlock the path to a Kickstarter Easter egg, and one of the best weapons in Chapter 1.

  • How To Solve The Cat Puzzle:
    • In the editor-in-chief’s office, you’ll find three cat statues. One on the left as you enter, one in the center, and one to the right. You need to face each statue correctly to unlock the door.
      • Left Statue: Left
      • Center Statue: Right
      • Right Statue: Back (Back of statue facing you.)

There are three cat painting, and a cypher note — but you don’t need to worry about all that. Just input the code above and the door will slide open.

Go through the secret door, and you’ll find the EiC’s secret conspiracy wall. You’ll also find a giant list of suspected “Downers” — a huge list of Kickstarter backers! That’s all pretty cool, but the real reward is the huge weapon in this room.

The “Sandman” is an insanely powerful melee weapon, and if you want to destroy everyone in your path in the Parade District, I recommend grabbing it. You can also find a second Sandman later in Chapter 1, inside a hidden panel in the Science Ministry’s office. This is an incredibly powerful unique weapon, so you won’t want to miss it.