We Happy Few: How To Solve The Future Perfect Puzzle | Solution Guide

We Happy Few isn’t just a crafting-survival game, you’ll also have to solve a puzzle or two as you progress through the main story. One of the biggest puzzles appears in the quest “Future Perfect”, and it can be a doozy. It requires a bunch of experimentation to solve, and you’ll need to locate three missing pieces to repair all the machines — and not all the machines are useful.

Below, I’ll explain everything you need to know about this puzzle. Where to find all three parts, and how to move the machines — oh, and what order all the machines need to be lined up. It’s all about generating a chain reaction, and there are a few clues in the control room that will point Arthur in the right direction. Or, just scroll down and find the exact solution.

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How To Solve The Future Perfect Puzzle | Solution Guide


Later in Arthur’s chapter, you’ll reach the Department of Scientific Research during the quest “Future Perfect” — in this quest, you’ll need to reach the director of the department, but he’s stuck locked in his office, and Arthur has no way to reach him.

To get inside, you’ll need to solve a puzzle. First, you’ll need to find parts to repair all the different machines in the main floor. Make sure you examine all the machines first.

  • Step #1: Finding All The Repair Parts
    • Yellow Hot Flash: The Hot Flash Nozzle is on a broken version of the machine, on the wall behind the shelves.
    • Blue Electrowave Stimulator: The Electrowave Battery is on the shelf in the maintenance room, through the back-right door on the main floor.
    • Purple Sublimator: The Valve handle is located in the washroom on the first floor. Look in the back-left door. The valve is in the showers.

Now that all the machines are in proper order, we can no begin rearranging the machines to set off a chain-reaction and blow a hole in Dr. Arkwright’s office. Go upstairs to the second floor control room, and use the giant control panel to move the devices around the main floor.

  • Step #2: Arranging the Machines
    • To complete this step, you’ll need to align the machine in order, from left-to-right. You can only move the machines corresponding to the yellow, pink, and green buttons.
      • The balloon (pink button) is useless. Move it out of the way.
    • The order should be: Blue Electrowave Stimulator (Left-Most, Can’t Be Moved), Yellow Hot Flash (Can Be Moved), Purple Sublimator (Can’t Be Moved), and Green Cannon (Closest to the Office, Can Be Moved)
    • Use the buttons to select the individual machines on the control panel, then the pointers and rotater buttons to point them all toward the office. When the machines are ready, flip the big switch.

If you put the machines in order and correctly rotated them, the cannon will fire and blast a hole in the doctor’s office. You can climb through now and talk to Arkwright. He’ll also let you loot his office — use the elevator in the back, then check the painting on the wall to the right. There’s a hidden compartment with Shock Grenades and the Sandman, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Enjoy!