No Man’s Sky NEXT: 8 New Features You Need To Know | Beginner’s Guide

#7: Player-Owned Freighters Have Been Expanded Big Time

Players have been able to purchase massive freighters for awhile now in No Man’s Sky, but they’re finally useful in the NEXT update. First of all, all your friends in Multiplayer can board your freighter and ride it around — starships are still locked to each individual, but freighters can be shared.

You can customize your freighter now, and even acquire multiplayer missions while riding around the galaxy with your pals. With a freighter, you’ll also be able to build a real fleet — you can acquire different types of frigates (up to 50) and send them on missions to acquire even more stuff. There are multiple frigates with unique specialties that will improve your chances of a successful missions, and you can send as many of these little ships as you want. They’ll even appear outside your freighter, so you can stand in awe of your amazing ship-collecting accomplishments.

#8: And If You’re Looking For Cash, Go Search For Ancient Ruin Chests

Why? Because Ancient Ruin chests always contain items with a green background. Any items with green backgrounds are purely “trash” items — they’re only for sale. You can’t build with them, or use them for any story purpose. They only exist so you can sell them for profit. And there’s plenty of profit to be found in the endless galaxy of No Man’s Sky.