No Man’s Sky NEXT: 8 New Features You Need To Know | Beginner’s Guide

#3: Need To Craft An Item? You Can Create A Quest For That

You won’t have to explore the entire universe just to learn all the steps you need to craft something specific. Instead, you can create a radial quest that will explain every step of the process — what resources you need, what you need to create, and finally what you need to combine to get the item you’re after.

To make these quests appear (complete with waypoints), all you need to do is open the Guide menu. Select a material / component you want to craft, and you’ll create the side-quest. It will appear in your Secondary Missions menu. Give it a try!

#4: Or Quickly Swap Between First & Third-Person Perspectives

You’re no longer locked into a first-person perspective in No Man’s Sky. You can now customize your character through terminals — you can swap species and alter your spacesuit in a variety of ways. And you can view your cool-looking self in the new third-person camera mode.

You can switch between modes in the Main Menu options, or in-game. Just press [Up] on the D-Pad to access the Utilities menu. From here, you can easily change perspective options — yes, even when you’re flying around in a starship.