Mega Man X Legacy Collection: How To Beat Every Boss | All Weaknesses Guide

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection covers all eight games in this side-scrolling series, and if you’re new to the games, we’re here to provide an easy-to-follow list, showing you the easiest order to follow if you want to defeat every boss using the right weapons. Just like the original games on the NES, Mega Man X can select which bosses to fight — but each boss has a weakness.

Part of the fun is discovering all the weaknesses for yourself, but I totally understand if you just want to breeze through. We are talking about eight games in the series, after all. When you defeat a boss, you’ll earn that particular boss’ sub-weapon, and using the right sub-weapon on the right boss makes these difficult encounters insanely easy. After struggling to complete the level, who wouldn’t want an easy boss encounter? Here’s the Mega Man mega fan’s guide to destroying every X-boss, in order, for all eight games in the complete collection.

For more boss orders, check out our guide for the original Mega Man Legacy Collection here.

How To Beat Every Boss | All Weaknesses Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Some minor changes were made in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. The version used and boss names might be different in your version. We’ll update as we complete these levels.]

All bosses in Mega Man X 1-8 have weaknesses. You’ll need to defeat at least one boss with just your X-Buster. The rest are a cake-walk if you unlock their specific weakness first. Here are the most common orders devised online for each game — including the weaknesses for the endgame bosses.


Mega Man X 1 – Boss Order

  • Chill Penguin (Weak to: Fire Wave | Gives: Shotgun Ice)
  • Spark Mandrill (Weak to: Shotgun Ice | Gives: Electric Spark)
  • Armored Armadillo (Weak to: Electric Spark | Gives: Rolling Shield)
  • Launch Octopus (Weak to: Rolling Shield | Gives: Homing Torpedo)
  • Boomer Kuwanger (Weak to: Homing Torpedo | Gives: Boomerang Cutter)
  • Sting Chameleon (Weak to: Boomerang Cutter | Gives: Chameleon Sting)
  • Storm Eagle (Weak to: Chameleon Sting | Gives: Storm Tornado)
  • Flame Mammoth (Weak to: Storm Tornado | Gives: Fire Wave)

  • Sigma Bosses
    • Bosspider (Weak to: Shotgun Ice)
    • Rangda Bangda (Weak to: Chameleon Sting)
    • D-Rex (Weak to: Boomerang Cutter)
    • Velguarder (Weak to: Shotgun Ice)
    • Sigma (Weak to: Electric Spark)
    • Sigma 2 (Weak to: Rolling Shield)

Mega Man X 2 – Boss Order

  • Wire Sponge (Weak to: Sonic Slicer | Gives: Strike Chain)
  • Wheel Gator  (Weak to: Strike Chain | Gives: Spin Wheel)
  • Bubble Crab  (Weak to: Spin Wheel | Gives: Bubble Splash)
  • Flame Stag  (Weak to: Bubble Splash | Gives: Speed Burner)
  • Morph Moth  (Weak to: Speed Burner | Gives: Silk Shot)
  • Magna Centipede  (Weak to: Silk Shot | Gives: Magnet Mine)
  • Crystal Snail  (Weak to: Magnet Mine | Gives: Crystal Hunter)
  • Overdrive Ostrich  (Weak to: Crystal Hunter | Gives: Sonic Slicer)
  • X-Hunters Bosses:
    • Serges (Weak to: Sonic Slicer)
    • Violen (Weak to: Bubble Splash)
    • Agile (Weak to: Magnet Mine)
  • Sigma Bosses:
    • Neo Sigma (Weak to: Sonic Slicer)
    • Sigma Virus (Weak to: Strike Chain)

Mega Man X 3 – Boss Order

  • Blizzard Buffalo (Weak to: Parasitic Bomb | Gives: Frost Shield)
  • Toxic Seahorse (Weak to: Frost Shield | Gives: Acid Blast)
  • Tunnel Rhino (Weak to: Acid Blast | Gives: Tornado Fang)
  • Volt Catfish (Weak to: Tornado Fang | Gives: Triad Thunder)
  • Crush Crawfish (Weak to: Triad Thunder | Gives: Spinning Blade)
  • Neon Tiger (Weak to: Spinning Blade | Gives: Ray Splasher)
  • Gravity Beetle (Weak to: Ray Splasher | Gives: Gravity Well)
  • Blast Hornet (Weak to: Gravity Well | Gives: Parasitic Bomb)
  • Dr. Doppler Bosses:
    • Press Disposer (Weak to: Tornado Fang)
    • Godkarmachine O Inary (Weak to: Ray Splasher)
    • Volt Kurageil (Weak to: Triad Thunder)
    • Mecha Vile (Weak to: Tornado Fang)
    • Vile (Weak to: Spinning Blades / Ray Splasher)
    • Dr. Doppler (Weak to: Acid Burst)
    • Sigma (Weak to: Spinning Blade)
    • Kaiser Sigma (Weak to: Hyper Charge / Z Saber)

Mega Man X 4 – Boss Order

  • Web Spider (Weak to: Twin Slasher | Gives: Lightning Web)
  • Split Mushroom (Weak to: Lightning Web | Gives: Soul Body)
  • Cyber Peacock (Weak to: Soul Body | Gives: Aiming Laser)
  • Storm Owl (Weak to: Aiming Laser | Gives: Double Cyclone)
  • Magma Dragoon (Weak to: Double Cyclone | Gives: Rising Fire)
  • Frost Walrus (Weak to: Rising Fire | Gives: Frost Tower)
  • Jet Stingray (Weak to: Frost Tower | Gives: Ground Hunter)
  • Slash Beast (Weak to: Ground Hunter | Gives: Twin Slasher)
  • Sigma Bosses:
    • Egregion (Weak to: X-Buster)
    • Colonel (Weak to: Frost Tower)
    • Double  (Weak to: Double Cyclone)
    • Iris (Weak to: Zero Ryuenjin)
    • General (Weak to: Twin Slasher)
    • Sigma (Weak to: Rising Fire)
    • Sigma 2 (Weak to: Lightning Web)
    • Sigma 3 (Weak to: Soul Body)
    • Sigma 4 (Weak to: Ground Hunter)

[Find the boss order for Mega Man X5 through Mega Man X8 on the next page.]