Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Nintendo Switch First Impressions: The Icon Returns Home

Game: Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2

Publisher: Capcom

Developer:  Capcom

Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Mega Man has been an icon for the gaming industry for the past couple of decades and that is kind of strange that he still manages to remain relevant. However, the loyal fans have been replaying his titles, asking for new sequels, and even funded a successor title that wasn’t too hot. However, thanks to Capcom’s return to the Mega Man franchise, fans of the series can rest easy and play their beloved titles.

Mega Man Legacy Collection has been out for quite some time on some other consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, but it was only recently that the legend returned home on the Nintendo Switch platform. The Mega Man Legacy Collection includes all of the franchise’s titles, plus a slew of cool new features and additions that help bring the game’s value even higher.

Some of the new features include an online leaderboard, a deep dive into the game’s advertisement and marketing from its original release through its Museum mode, and a full archived database. The museum is one of the cooler aspects of these additional features as it gives a deeper look into the game when it originally released.

Players will get to browse concept art, art from the game which includes character stills from Mega Man 1-6, and promotional material for the game. If your into that type of stuff you will absolutely eat this portion up. However, you will be disappointed when you find out they sort of skimped out on Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which has much less Museum filled pages.

This was my first real time playing Mega Man, so as you would expect, it was super challenging for me. Not knowing exactly the nuance of Mega Man’s gameplay, I was at a disadvantage. At times it felt outdated, but the longer I played the better I got. These are some great games bundled together, but I would like note that if this is your first time playing a Mega Man title, it might be a little too difficult for the casual player. Its fun and you’ll get the hang of it, but it just might not be for the general audience of 2018.

Platformers are still a present genre in the gaming community, but the slow pace, button layout, and style of Mega Man might be just a little too off for some people, which is totally fine. If you are used to these games and are a fan of the franchise, then this is a dream come true. Its Mega Man on the go, the ideal way to play these titles.

If you’re a fan of Mega Man, then this collection is most definitely for you. You get all 10 games which are marginally different from each other and like mentioned earlier a slew of cool new features likes the Museum, Databases, and an online leaderboard. Take the Switch on the go and play Mega Man wherever, whenever. It is truly the perfect collection for a fan of the series and newcomers, like myself, alike.

Are you a big Mega Man fan? Do you plan on picking up the game for the Switch? Let us know what you think in the comments below!