Mega Man Legacy Collection 2: All Boss Weaknesses | MM7-10 Master Order

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 includes four of the less-beloved Mega Man games — the last two are great returns to form, but MM7 and MM8 are seen by many as a nadir of the franchise. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and complete the Mega Man series, here’s the best path to take for every included main entry.

From the very first Mega Man, you’re presented with a level select right from the start. Depending on which boss (colorfully called Robot Masters in-game) you fight, you’ll unlock new weapons for Mega Man. Certain bosses can be easily defeated with the proper weapon, and that’s why we’re here. Check out the easiest path to victory in MM7-10 with the quick Boss Order and Weaknesses list below.

All Boss Weaknesses | MM7-10 Boss Orde

Mega Man 7 – Boss Weaknesses

Boss Order: Burst Man -> Cloud Man -> Junk Man -> Freeze Man -> Slash Man -> Spring Man -> Shade Man -> Turbo Man

  • Burst Man
    • Weakness: Scorch Wheel (Also Weak To: Freeze Cracker)
    • Reward: Danger Wrap
  • Cloud Man
    • Weakness: Danger Wrap (Also Weak To: Thunder Bolt, Super Adapter)
    • Reward: Thunder Bolt
  • Junk Man
    • Weakness: Thunder Bolt (Also Weak To: Slash Claw)
    • Reward: Junk Shield
  • Freeze Man
    • Weakness: Junk Shield (Also Weak To: Scorch Wheel)
    • Reward: Freeze Cracker
  • Slash Man
    • Weakness: Freeze Cracker (Also Weak To: Scorch Wheel)
    • Reward: Slash Claw
  • Spring Man
    • Weakness: Slash Claw
    • Reward: Wild Coil
  • Shade Man
    • Weakness: Wild Coil
    • Reward: Noise Crush
  • Turbo Man
    • Weakness: Noise Crush
    • Reward: Scorch Wheel

Mega Man 8 – Boss Weaknesses

Boss Order: Tengu Man -> Clown Man -> Grenade Man -> Frost Man -> Sword Man -> Search Man -> Astro Man -> Aqua Man

  • Tengu Man
    • Weakness: Ice Wave (Also Weak To: Mega Buster)
    • Reward: Tornado Hold
  • Clown Man
    • Weakness: Tornado Hold
    • Reward: Thunder Claw
  • Grenade Man
    • Weakness: Thunder Claw
    • Reward: Flash Bomb
  • Frost Man
    • Weakness: Flash Bomb (Also Weak To: Flame Sword)
    • Reward: Ice Wave
  • Sword Man
    • Weakness: Ice Wave (Also Weak To: Water Balloon)
    • Reward: Flame Sword
  • Search Man
    • Weakness: Flame Sword
    • Reward: Homing Sniper
  • Astro Man
    • Weakness: Homing Sniper
    • Reward: Astro Crush
  • Aqua Man
    • Weakness: Astro Crush
    • Reward: Water Balloon


Mega Man 9 – Boss Weaknesses

Boss Order: Galaxy Man -> Jewel Man -> Plug Man -> Tornado Man -> Magma Man -> Hornet Man -> Splash Woman -> Concrete Man

  • Galaxy Man
    • Weakness: Concrete Shot
    • Reward: Black Hole Bomb
  • Jewel Man
    • Weakness: Black Hole Bomb (Also Weak To: Jewel Satellite)
    • Reward: Jewel Satellite
  • Plug Man
    • Weakness: Jewel Satellite
    • Reward: Plug Ball
  • Tornado Man
    • Weakness: Plug Ball
    • Reward: Tornado Blow
  • Magma Man
    • Weakness: Tornado Blow
    • Reward: Magma Bazooka
  • Hornet Man
    • Weakness: Magma Bazooka
    • Reward: Hornet Chaser
  • Splash Woman
    • Weakness: Hornet Chaser (Also Weak To: Proto Buster, Mega Buster, Laser Trident)
    • Reward: Laser Trident
  • Concrete Man
    • Weakness: Laser Trident
    • Reward: Concrete Shot

Mega Man 10 – Boss Weaknesses

Boss Order: Sheep Man -> Pump Man -> Solar Man -> Chill Man -> Nitro Man -> Commando Man -> Blade Man -> Strike Man

  • Sheep Man
    • Weakness: Rebound Striker
    • Reward: Thunder Wool
  • Pump Man
    • Weakness: Thunder Wool (Also Weak To: Mirror Buster, Screw Crusher)
    • Reward: Water Shield
  • Solar Man
    • Weakness: Water Shield
    • Reward: Solar Blaze
  • Chill Man
    • Weakness: Solar Blaze (Also Weak To: Screw Crusher)
    • Reward: Chill Spike
  • Nitro Man
    • Weakness: Chill Spike
    • Reward: Wheel Cutter
  • Commando Man
    • Weakness: Wheel Cutter
    • Reward: Commando Bomb
  • Blade Man
    • Weakness: Commando Bomb
    • Reward: Triple Blade
  • Strike Man
    • Weakness: Triple Blade (Also Weak To: Mirror Buster, Wheel Cutter)
    • Reward: Rebound Striker