Pokemon Quest: How To Recharge Mobee’s Battery | Stamina Guide

Your trusty companion in Pokémon Quest is s flying pokeball called Mobee IV. You’ll need him to go on expeditions, but you’re limited to only a handful of expeditions per day. If you want to complete the game faster, you’ll need to go on more expeditions, and replaying old expeditions to grind and level up your Pokémon team can feel like a waste of Mobee’s battery.

There are ways to recharge Mobee — three ways to be exact. The first method is boring, the second method can get expensive, and the final method is a little tricky. I’ll explain all three methods in the complete guide below, and help you understand how Mobee’s Battery works. It’s essentially a stamina bar, so you can’t play the game too much in a single day.

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How To Recharge Mobee’s Battery | Stamina Guide

Mobee is your robotic assistant in Pokémon Quest, and to go on expeditions, you’ll need to use a Battery Charge. Mobee only has a limited amount of battery charges, and each expedition you go on will expend one charge. There are multiple ways you can recharge, including one tricky way that’s probably not intended by the developers.

The battery is essentially your stamina or energy bar — the same type of thing you’ll find in most free-to-play games. You can either wait or spend premium currency to play through the game faster.

  • How To Recharge Your Battery:
    1. Wait for Mobee to recharge. It takes about 30 minutes per charge.
    2. Spend PM Tickets to recharge your battery.
    3. Change the time / date on your device settings.
      • This will NOT allow you to collect more PM Tickets per day.


Yep, you can change the device settings to recharge the battery. Just change the day and the battery will recharge — this will also work for making Pokémon appear in your Base Camp. Random Pokémon will appear every 22 hours.

Because theses factors are calculated on your device / app, and not on the server, you can cheat and skip time just by changing your smart phone’s clock. The PM Ticket rewards are completely server-side, so you can’t cheat that timer on the Poke Mart.

You can also earn battery charges by completing Quests. Check your quests and don’t claim rewards with a battery recharge symbol — unless you’re out of charges!