Pokemon Quest: How To Get Legendary Pokemon | Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos & Articuno Recipe Guide

Everyone loves legendary Pokémon, and the first four are available to join your Pokedex in Pokémon Quest — the trick is just attracting them. It isn’t very easy, and you’ll have to wait until the very end of the game. If you can get that, you’ll be able to cook a special recipe that has a high chance of attracting rare Pokémon — and the legendary Pokemon are extremely rare. It might take several cooking attempts, so we’re also going to explain the best farming methods for earning plenty of ingredients you might need.

In Pokémon Quest, you don’t actually capture Pokémon, you attract them to your base by cooking delicious meals. The main components you need are ingredients — and there are lots of ingredients to collect. The best ingredients can be found later in the game, and you’ll have to (most likely) finish the story to start farming for the legendary Pokémon recipe. You can do it a little before that — if you’re really struggling against the last boss, you can also try farming the level-before-the-last. That works too.

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How To Get Legendary Pokemon | Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos & Articuno Guide

To get legendary Pokémon, you need to cook the Ambrosia of Legends recipe. This

  • Ambrosia of Legends Recipe:
    • Ingredients: 2-5 Mystic Shells
      • 0-3 [Any Other Ingredient]

You need at least two Mystic Shells to cook this recipe. Fill the last remaining spots with any other ingredients — the ingredients you pick for the bottom slots does not matter.

To get a chance at attracting a Mewtwo, you need to cook the Ambrosia of Legends recipe with all 5 Mystic Shells. For the other legendaries, you’ll increase your chances of summoning a legendary the more Mystic Shells you put in the recipe.


How To Farm Mystic Shells

The best place to farm Mystic Shells is level 12-8 and 12-Boss. 12-B is by far the best — once you’re strong enough, you can farm 12-B for about 2-6 shells every 2-3 runs. On average, that’s about 1-2 Mystic Shells per run, though you might find more or less per run. It’s best to complete 12-B multiple times. You might get lucky and drop lots of Mystic Shells, or you might not get any.

The best place to farm literally every other ingredient is 12-3 — due to the large amount of Pokémon that spawn on this Expedition, you’ll naturally just get more stuff. Keep running to earn tons of other ingredients so you can stock up for those other recipes.