Ultimate Custom Night: How To Earn 5000 Points Fast | FNaF 3 Office Unlock Guide

Ultimate Custom Night is the biggest Five Nights at Freddy’s game yet, and you’ll be able to unlock tons of extras by earning points. You earn points by completing difficult custom nights that you’ll have to design yourself — there are so many options and unlockables, it can make your head spin. Who knew there were so many different animatronic characters in this universe? Basically, it’s a fan dream — you can pick from an entire roster of evil machines to menace you.

And here, you’ll be able to learn a quick method to unlock the Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 office. Every office is different, and changes how you play the game. Like every Five Nights at Freddy’s, you’re stuck in a single room with a TV monitor. You’ll have to tightly manage power and close doors, shut off lights and seal vents to stay alive. A gang of killer animatronics want to surprise you, and fending them off takes lots of different forms. There are even more balls to juggle in this game, but we’re sticking with the basics — here’s how to create a tough night that isn’t too tough.

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How To Earn 5000 Points Fast | FNaF 3 Office Unlock Guide

To earn an easy (or easy-ish) 5,000 points in a single run, you’ll have to keep your wits, don’t panic, and select at least 20 animatronics. This is still challenging, but very manageable. With enough practice (try it a few times so you know what to look out for) you should be able to complete this challenge.

It might look tough, but this is the easiest way to earn tons of points. Why? Because all o

f these animatronics can be managed without dealing with any external stuff — you don’t need to use the monitors at all to hold them back. You just need to be quick. The only reason you need to use the monitor is to reset the vent system.



  • List of Animatronics To Choose:
    • Afton
    • BB
    • Bonnie
    • El Chip
    • Funtime Chica
    • Helpy
    • Jack-O Chica
    • JJ
    • Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear
    • Nightmare BB
    • Nightmare Freddy
    • Old Man Consequences
    • Phantom BB
    • Phantom Freddy
    • Phantom Mangle
    • Phone Guy
    • Rockstar Foxy
    • Rockstar Freddy
    • Scrap Baby
    • Spingtrap
    • Toy Bonnie
    • Toy Chica
    • Trash and Gang
    • Withered Bonnie

[Note: Only Springtrap will appear in the top vent.]

How To Win

With those animatronics selected (and set to 20) you should see a 5,000 point value on the main menu. Before attempting this run, learn the hotkeys for the doors, vents, fan, flashlight, heater, and power generator. You’ll need to use different methods to scare away the animatronics — including a mask.

  • Turn on the Fan and Power Generator at the start of the night. If you need to swap to the Heater, do it — just remember to switch back to the Power Generator.
  • Many of the characters won’t kill you, and won’t really effect you. You can ignore these spooky enemies — they’re usually busy messing up your security camera computer. You won’t need it, except to reset the vents.
  • Most of the deadly characters have unique sounds or visuals before killing you.
    • Listen for loud crashing noises before Afton appears.
    • Close the door in the direction of the laughs to stop Nightmare Fredbear / Nightmares.
    • Don’t flash Nightmare BB when they’re standing! Just observe and let them go.
    • Put on the mask to avoid Bonnie, Withered Bonnie and Toy Chica.
  • Remember which animatronics are deadly, and focus on clearing those when multiple enemies are causing problems. Deal with threats in the right order, and you should have no problem surviving.

There’s still one more office to unlock at 8,000 points. Now that’s going to be one tough challenge.