Vampyr: All Weapons Locations | Melee, Off-Hand & Ranged Guide

Weapons are pretty important in Vampyr. While you don’t exactly require the best-of-the-best weaponry to survive, it helps to collect a variety of tools to aid in your bloody trade. If you’ve been spending much time in London, you’ll quickly learn that there’s only a small selection of weapons in Vampyr, and getting them all is very possible — if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

There are three types of weapons in Vampry; melee, off-hand, and ranged. Essentially, you’re looking for main weapons, secondary melee weapons, and pistols / shotguns. Each has its own category, and if you find them all, you’ll earn three completion achievements / trophies. Even if there are plenty of weapons, some of the early weapons you unlock are actually some of the best — Clay Cox’s simple handaxe is can be used for the entire game. Learn where to find every single weapon in Vampyr with the full list below.

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All Weapons Locations | Melee, Off-Hand & Ranged Guide



  • Used Machete [One-Handed]: The first weapon you acquire in the game. Can’t be missed.
  • Used Revolver [Ranged]: The first pistol you acquire in the game. Can’t be missed.
  • Used Stake [Off-Hand]: The first off-hand weapon you acquire in the game. Can’t be missed.

The Docks

  • Used Lupara [Ranged]: In Chapter 1, you’ll travel through warehouses across the river boats after leaving the Turquois Turtle Pub. On the other side, explore the second floor of the second warehouse. One of the chests contains this weapon.
  • Used Scythe [Two-Handed]: Continuing in Chapter 1, you’ll eventually reach a tunnel after passing over a bridge while hunting the escaped Scal. In the tunnel, go to the far end to find this optional scythe.
  • Used Bludgeon [Off-Hand]: Weapon given for defeating the first boss, William Bishop. Can’t be missed.
  • Common Parabellum Pistol [Ranged]: Dropped by the Flamethrower Priwen Jimmy “The Spark” — encountered in Chapter 3.
  • Common Mace [Two-Handed]: Found in the Sewer Skal domain Hideout, where you’ll meet Old Bridget and Harriet.
  • Tom’s Revolver [Ranged]: Embrace Tom in the Docks District.
  • Booth’s Axe [Two-Handed]: Embrace Booth in the Docks District.
  • Seymour’s Bludgeon [One-Handed]: Embrace Seymour in the Docks District.
  • Archer’s Hatchet [One-Handed]: Embrace Archer in the Docks District.
  • Sabrina’s Dagger [Off-Hand]: Embrace Sabrina in the Docks District.
  • Ichabod’s Stake [Off-Hand]: Embrace Ichabod in the Docks District.
  • Rodney’s Scythe [Two-Handed]: Embrace Rodney in the Docks District after rescuing him in the Sewers.
  • Edwina’s Double-Barreled Shotgun [Ranged]: Embrace Edwina in the Docks District.
  • Giselle’s Dagger [Off-Hand]: Find and kill Giselle, a unique named enemy, in the Docks District.

Pembroke Hospital

  • Used Hacksaw [One-Handed]: Found on the second floor of the hospital, in the surgery room.
  • Used Liston Knife [Off-Hand]: Located in the Morgue basement, an area you’ll be required to visit for the main story mission of this chapter.
  • Barbed Cudgel [Two-Handed]: When exploring the sewers, find it near the entrance.
  • Milton’s Shotgun [Ranged]: Can be purchased from Milton. Or, you can embrace Milton in the Hospital District.
  • Clay’s Hatchet [One-Handed]: Embrace Clay Cox in the Hospital District.
  • Newton’s Saber [One-Handed]: Embrace Newton in the Hospital District.
  • Thoreau’s Surgical Knife [Off-Hand]: Embrace Thoreau in the Hospital District and use the key to unlock the container in the second floor office.
  • Rakesh’s Surgical Saw [One-Handed]: Embrace Rakesh and unlock the safe in his tent.
  • Samuel Connor’s Mace [Two-Handed]: Embrace Dr. Tibbets in the Hospital District and use his key on the locker / container in the Doctor’s Office in the second floor. Get the Small Key, then use it in the Old Morgue basement.
  • Gwyneth Surgical Knife [Off-Hand]: Embrace Gwyneth in the Pembroke Hospital District.

White Chapel

  • Used Hatchet [One-Handed]: Found in the second floor of the White Chapel building, in the northwest section of the district.
  • Used Truncheon [Off-Hand]: Dropped by Toby Sheen / Vincent Sheen, the pair of Priwen you’ll encounter when returning to the Hospital at the end of Chapter 2.
  • Joe’s Barbed Cudgel [Two-Handed]: Embrace Joe Peterson in the White Chapel District, then unlock the chest in the second floor of Peterson’s house.
  • Joe’s Semi-Auto Pistol [Ranged]: Embrace Harry Peterson, Joe Peterson’s son, in the White Chapel District.
  • Albert’s Revolver [Ranged]: Embrace Albert in the White Chapel District.
  • Cristina’s Dagger [Off-Hand]: Embrace Cristina in the White Chapel District.
  • Used Priwen Stake [Off-Hand]: Found in the second Priwen Command Post in White Chapel. When following Thelma’s investigation, found in the second Priwen outpost.

West End

  • Good Dagger [Off-Hand]: Found in the second floor of the Ascalon Club.
  • Remarkable Pump-Action Shotgun [Ranged]: Found in the first epidemic house you’ll need to investigate, found in the east section of the West End.
  • Remarkable Saber [One-Handed]: Dropped by Doris Fletcher after defeating her in the theater. Can’t be missed.
  • Good Double-Barreled Shotgun [Ranged]: Found in the second floor of the covered market area, found between the main West End street and Temple Garden / Church.
  • Common Axe [Two-Handed]: In the sewers on the path to the Dawson Estate / Temple Church, you’ll find this weapon near the end of the path. Find this axe before exiting the sewers.
  • Louise’s Machete [One-Handed]: Rescue Louise Teasdale in the Sewers and then embrace her in the West End District.
  • Charles’s Truncheon [Off-Hand]: Embrace Charles in the West End District.
  • Clarence’s Parabellum [Ranged]: Embrace Clarence in the West End District.
  • Charlotte’s Stake [Off-Hand]: Talk to Charlotte in the West End and complete her investigation. Requires access to Venus’ house to teleport to the investigation apartment.
  • True Dragonbane [One-Handed]: The most powerful weapon in the game is tricky to earn. You’ll need to complete Usher Talltree’s Investigation without reading his  diary, then use the collectible he gives you to solve the puzzle in the cathedral crypt. Find the full solution guide here.