Dark Souls: Remastered – All The Secret Tricks To Easily Beat Tough Bosses | Cheese Boss Strategies

Tired of fighting the same bosses over and over in Dark Souls: Remastered? If you just want to get these fights over with pronto, there are a couple secret methods you can use to kill certain bosses instantly, or just skip past them using complicated alternate paths. These are all totally intentional, programmed-in, and aren’t cheated — well, except for the glitches, those are totally all about cheating.

Each boss is different, so these methods will only work for a select few bosses in the game. Each one has a unique, different glitch / easy kill / skip method. Check the section for the individual bosses below. Too bad annoying challenges like Ornstein and Smough don’t really have any glitches or easy kill methods. Still, we were able to scrounge up eight bosses you can write off.

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All The Secret Tricks To Easily Beat Tough Bosses | Cheese Boss Strategies

The tricks to beat (or skip) bosses come in three distinct categories.

  • [Skip] means you can simply skip these bosses. The bosses listed below are normally ones you’ll fight on a normal path through Darks Souls. No glitches here. These are all intended and secret methods for totally skipping a boss.
  • [Easy Kill] are intended methods you can use to instantly kill a boss. Only a handful of bosses have intentional instant kill methods, but they do exist and you can find them all below.
  • [Glitch] is all about unintentional ways you can instantly kill a boss. These are glitch methods — causing bosses to fall through the world or killing them without even entering the fog door.


Taurus Demon [Skip]

The Taurus Demon is the first optional boss. You can completely skip him if you have the Master Key as your gift item during character creation. When you reach the Taurus Demon’s fog gate, just go through the nearby door and follow the path down. Through the next door, you’ll find a shortcut to the Darkroot Basin.

The Darkroot Basin leads to the Darkroot Garden, which eventually leads to the Undead Parish — you can completely skip this demon, and there’s no reason to ever fight it. Once you reach the Undead Parish, you can create a convenient shortcut that links the Firelink Shrine, so you won’t have to make a long trip again.

Gaping Dragon [Skip]

If you acquire the Master Key at the start of the game as a gift item, you can simply skip the Gaping Dragon completely. The Master Key works on the door to Blighttown (from the Valley of the Drakes) so you never have to enter the Gaping Dragon’s arena.

Take the elevator down from the Firelink Shrine and unlock the door in the adjacent building. Enter the dark cave and across the bridge to enter — you can also reach Blighttown through the Darkroot Basin shortcut to the Valley of the Drakes, which is also connected to Blighttown.

Capra Demon [Glitch]

The dual-wielding Capra demon can be tough, but you can cheese him with precisely thrown firebombs. You can use Firebombs, Black Firebombs, or Normal Firebombs to kill him — the more powerful the better.

Stand on the bridge leading to the Capra Demon’s fog gate and push as far into the wall corner as you can. Swap to a bow and aim above the fog door — look for the battlements high in the sky. Aim at the third battlement from the left. Now that you’re aimed properly, start throwing firebombs. You’ll need 15 Normals, 6 Firebombs, or only 4 Black Firebombs to kill him.

Iron Golem [Easy Kill]

Before entering the Iron Golem battle, make sure to travel to the highest tower of Sen’s Fortress and kill the giant throwing boulders. He’ll continue to throw boulders, even during the Iron Golem boss fight. Get rid of him, then you can try for an easy kill on the Iron Golem.

You can cause the Iron Golem to topple over and fall off his bridge. Sprint to the narrow area where he first appears, and swap to two-handed attacks. If you do enough damage to his leg fast enough, the Iron Golem will wobble on one leg. Continue to attack, and the Golem will fall over, stunning it and leaving it open to more attacks. If you position yourself on the narrow bridge, toppling the Golem will cause it to fall off the ledge, dying instantly.

Ceaseless Discharge [Easy Kill]

You can kill Ceaseless Discharge instantly with a simple trick. After the giant becomes hostile, it will begin to attack with huge arm swings and lave spray attacks. From the rocky ledge where the fight begins, sprint back to the fog door entrance and hug the fog. If you manage to survive the sprint back, the Ceaseless Discharge will attempt to follow you.

It will hesitate on the chasm, before jumping across and hanging by a single hand. Attack the hanging hand, and you’ll cause Ceaseless Discharge to drop into the pit below, instantly killing it.

Great Grey Wolf Sif [Glitch]

After activating the boss once, it’s possible to cheese Sif and attack from the rocks to the left of the boss fog. You’ll need to activate the boss, quit and reload, then return to the fog door. Instead of entering, climb the rocks using jumps to the left and you’ll be able to get a good look at Sif in the arena.

Equip a bow (Black Bow of Pharis is pretty great) and cheese him with feather arrows to bring down his health quickly. You’ll need a whole lot of arrows and a whole lot of patience, but you can totally defeat Sif without even entering his boss arena. Obviously, this is not an intended method.

Centipede Demon [Skip / Glitch]

The centipede can be skipped if you join the Chaos Servant covenant. The covenant is hidden — attack the egg walls near the bell to reveal a hidden room with a bonfire and an egg-infested person. Talk to them, and you’ll be able to enter the Chaos Servant covenant — reach Rank 2 to unlock a shortcut to Lost Izalith, allowing you to skip the Centipede Demon and the Demon Firesage. You need to give the Chaos Servant covenant 30 Humanity.

To make the battle easier, cut off the Centipede Demon’s tail (or outstretched arm) and collect the Orange Charred Ring it drops. That makes you resistant to lava. Run to the right from the entrance and look around the corner — there’s a large area you can use to actually fight the demon.

Stand near the cave wall near the entrance, and the Centipede Demon can get itself stuck in the environment. If he uses his mauling attack, he can jump into the ceiling and get stuck. Walk slowly toward the exit, and eventually the Centipede will fall through the environment, killing itself — this can also happen with its grab attack. The Centipede Demon will fall through the floor instead.

Demon Firesage [Skip]

Like the Centipede Demon, you can completely skip this boss if you join the Chaos Servant covenant, which is located behind an illusory wall in Quelaag’s Domain. Attack the egg-covered walls to reveal it and talk to the spider-like sister to join. Give them 30 Humanity to reach Rank 2 and unlock the Lost Izalith shortcut.