Dark Souls: Remastered – How To Join Every Covenant | Factions Guide

Covenants are the factions of Dark Souls: Remastered. Depending on your covenant, you can unlock bonus rewards — or just fight for your patrons in PVP, naturally pitting different covenants against each other. Each covenant is unique, and actually joining some of them can be pretty difficult. The game doesn’t make it obvious, so you’ll need to search the most secret corners of Lordran to find them all. Too bad you can only join one at a time.

Here, we’re going to break down all the covenants, how to join them, and what you’ll get for ranking up with each. The benefits of certain covenants are a lot easier to understand than others. One covenants gives you the ability to transform your head into a dragon and shoot fire. That’s got to be the best covenants, right? We’ll let you judge for yourself.

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How To Join Every Covenant | Factions Guide

Covenants are PVP-focused factions you can join. For ranking up, you’ll gain exclusive rewards. Not all Covenants require PVP interaction. Below, you’ll find a full list of covenants, how to join them, how to rank up, and what rewards you’ll receive.

NOTE: If you join a covenant and then leave, the amount of accumulated points will be halved.


Way of White Covenant [Co-op]

  • How To Join: Knight / Cleric classes will automatically join this covenant. Talk to Petrus at the Firelink Shrine to join — or talk to Rhea at the Undead Parish, after rescuing her in the Tomb of Giants.
  • How To Rank Up: N/A – There are no ranks in this covenant.
  • Rewards: Joining this covenant reduces the amount of invaders in your world, and you will be matched with other Warriors of Light more easily when requesting help for bosses.

Princess Guard Covenant [Co-op]

  • How To Join: Talk to Gwynevere after defeating Ornstein / Smough in Anor Londo. You must talk to her to progress the game. She will offer you this covenant.
  • How To Rank Up: N/A – There are no ranks in this covenant.
  • Rewards: Like the Way of White, matches you with other Princess Guards more easily. You will also gain the Ring of the Sun Princess, which makes Faith-based spells more effective. You will also be able to use the Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight miracles to heal co-op partners. These miracles can be found in the cells of the Duke’s Archive prison tower.

Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant [PVP]

  • How To Join: Collect the Darkmoon Séance Ring from the Tomb of Giants (drop off the ledge near the corpse beside a bonfire to enter a secret path) and then ride the central Anor Londo lift down to a room with statues. With the ring equipped, a secret room will appear. Talk to Gwyndolin to join this covenant.
  • How To Rank Up: The goal of this covenant is to hunt sinners. You can use the Blue Eye Orb to hunt sinners, or equip the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring to be summoned into sinners Dark Anor Londo.
    • Killing a sinner rewards you with a Souvenir of Reprisal. Turn it in to Gwyndolin to rank up.
    • Sinners are players that have turned against their covenant, killed friendly NPCs, killed friendly players, killed Gwyndolin, or darkened Anor Londo.
  • Rewards: For joining this covenant, you’ll gain the Blue Eye Orb and Blade of the Darkmoon Ring to invade other players.
    • Rank 1: 10 Souvenirs – Darkmoon Blade Miracle & Darkmoon Talisman
    • Rank 2: 30 Souvenirs – Darkmoon Blade Miracle power increases to 2.0.
    • Rank 3: 80 Souvenirs – Darkmoon Blade Miracle power increases to 2.1.

Warrior of Sunlight Covenant [Co-op]

  • How To Join: Find the broken altar in the Under Parish, to the right of the dragon on the bridge. Pray to the altar with a base faith of 25.
  • How To Rank Up: Defeat bosses while you are summoned then turn in the Sunlight Medals to the broken altar to gain rank.
  • Rewards: For joining this covenant, you’ll earn the Lightning Spear (20 Faith) miracle.
    • Rank 1: 10 Medals – Great Lightning Spear (30 Faith), Can Offer the Soul of Gwyn for the Sunlight Spear (50 Faith) miracle.
    • Rank 2: 30 Medals – No reward.
    • Rank 3: 80 Medals – No reward.

Forest Hunter Covenant [PVP]

  • How To Join: Reach the ruin tower linked by a bridge, past the sealed door in the Darkroot Garden and talk to Alvina, the huge cat in the window.
  • How To Rank Up: Alvina will give you a ring that you can equip. You’ll be summoned to “defend the forest” — you’ll invade players in the forest. Killing them will slowly raise your rank percentage until you rank up. You’ll also earn random soul rewards.
  • Rewards: Rank doesn’t give you any reward, but you will earn items for your first three kills.
    • Kill #1: Divine Blessing healing item.
    • Kill #2: Ring of Fog (Ring that turns the player partially invisible.)
    • Kill #3: A short cutscene where Alvina talks about Shiva.

Darkwraith Covenant [PVP]

  • How To Join: This is the hardest, most secret covenant to join.
    • Defeat Great Wolf Sif in the Darkroot Garden to gain the Covenant of Artorias Ring. This allows you to access the Abyss in New Londo Ruins and fight the Four Kings boss.
    • After collecting the Lordvessel from Anor Londo, do not talk to Frampt (the weird snake thing) and do not place the Lordvessel on the Firelink Shrine.
    • Speak to Ingwald (or kill) to get the key unlocking the path to the Abyss. Enter the Abyss and defeat the Four Kings.
    • In the Abyss, find the primordial serpent Kaathe. Keep running around the blackness to locate him. Answer “YES” to his question and you’ll be able to  join.
  • How To Rank Up: Trade humanity to Kaathe to rank up.
  • Rewards: When you join, you’ll get the Dark Hand, a claw weapon that can steal humanity from players with your strong attack. You can also buy Cracked Red Orbs to invade players for 3,000 souls each.
    • Rank 1: 10 Humanities – Red Eye Orb (infinite use invasion item), Dark Hand upgrade (steals 3 humanities)
    • Rank 2: 30 Humanities – Darksword and Darkwraith Armor Set, Dark Hand upgrade (steals 6 humanities)
    • Rank 3: 80 Humanities – Dark Hand upgrade (steals 10 humanities)

Path of the Dragon Covenant [PVP]

  • How To Join: Talk to the Everlasting Dragon in Ash Lake. To reach the Ash Lake, break through the illusory walls in the giant tree, at the swamp at the bottom of Blighttown. Drop to the bottom of the great hollow to reach Ash Lake.
  • How To Rank Up: To rank up, you’ll need to invade players holding a Dragon Scale. By defeating these players, you’ll earn a Dragon Scale of your own. You can use it to upgrade dragon weapons, or turn it in to rank up and increase the power of your dragon head fire.
  • Rewards: Upon joining, you’ll get the Dragon Eye to invade players with Dragon Scale in their inventory. You’ll also get the Dragon Head Stone. Remove any equipped helmet and this will cause your head to transform into a fire-spitting dragon. Shooting flames will drain your stamina.
    • Rank 1: 10 Scales – Upgrades Dragon Head Stone fire damage. Upgrades Dragon Torso Stone roar buff and range.
    • Rank 2: 30 Scales – Dragon Torso Stone (turns entire body into a dragon, unequip all armor) and unlocks the dragon roar buff. Upgrades Dragon Head Stone fire damage. Upgrades Dragon Torso Stone roar buff and range.
    • Rank 3: 80 Scales – Upgrades Dragon Head Stone fire damage. Upgrades Dragon Torso Stone roar buff and range.

Gravelord Servant Covenant [PVP]

  • How To Join: You must join this covenant before defeating Gravelord Nito. Find the Titanite Demon in the Catacombs area — look for the coffin sticking out of the wall. Interact to enter the coffin. Wait inside with an Eye of Death in your inventory to reach a new location. Talk to Gravelord Nito in this room to join his covenant.
  • How To Rank Up: Use Eye of Death to curse another player’s world with Black Phantom enemies. The cursed player can then attempt to invade your world to stop the Black Phantom curse by interacting with a Nito sign. Defeat the invaders to gain more Eyes of Death. Turn in Eyes of Death to Nito to increase your rank.
  • Rewards: You’ll get the Gravelord Sword for joining, and the Gravelord Sword Dance miracle.
    • Rank 1: 10 Eyes of Death – Gravelord Greatsword Dance miracle. +10% damage upgrade to both Gravelord miracles.
    • Rank 2: 30 Eyes of Death – +20% damage upgrade to both Gravelord miracles.
    • Rank 3: 80 Eyes of Death – +30% damage upgrade to both Gravelord miracles.

Chaos Servant Covenant [N/A]

  • How To Join: Attack the illusory wall past Quelaag’s arena to reveal a secret room with her sister. Talk to the spider to join this covenant.
  • How To Rank Up: Turn in humanity to rank up. There re
  • Rewards: For joining the covenant, you’ll gain the Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy, and you can purchase pyromancy spells from the infected NPC nearby. You can also get free cures if you get infected with the egg parasite. Talk to the spider for free Egg Vermifuge cures.
    • Rank 1: 10 Humanities – N/A
    • Rank 2: 30 Humanities – Chaos STorm pyromancy and a shortcut to Lost Izalith will unlock.
    • Rank 3: 80 Humanities – N/A