Dark Souls: Remastered – How To Complete All Optional Quests | NPC Guide

Yes, there are quests in Dark Souls: Remastered, but first-time players probably won’t even notice on their first visit to the strange kingdom of Lordran.

Quests don’t follow the rules of traditional side-missions in western games — instead, you’ll have to track down NPCs as they move around the environment, talking to (or saving) them as they go about their business. If you don’t look carefully, and don’t follow the guide below exactly, you can very easily miss these quests. Sometimes they’ll even give you a great reward.

There are three major quests. All of them give you unique items, including sorcery spells and miracles — usually, they’ll involve a merchant that sells some pretty good stuff, depending on your build. If you’re going to use magic, some of these optional quests are pretty important. Check out how to complete them before the NPC dies in the guide below.

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How To Complete All Optional Quests | NPC Guide

Quests in Dark Souls are weird. You won’t get alerted that a quest has started — sometimes you will be timed, and usually events occur after surpassing certain milestones in the game. If you rush ahead too far, you might find that an NPC has died, or gone hollow, or won’t appear in the proper place. You need to follow the instructions exactly.

Quest: Big Hat Logan [Sorcery + Firekeeper Soul]

  • You’ll first encounter Big Hat Logan in a cage in Sen’s Fortress. To free him, use a Master Key or collect the Cage Key from the tower you can jump to on the roof. Turn the rolling boulder mechanism to smash through the wall. Unlock the cage to free Logan, then exhaust all of his dialogue.
  • He’ll move to the Firelink Shrine after being saved. It isn’t clear exactly when he moves here, but it seems to be linked to Anor Londo. Logan will sell spells if you have 15 intelligence. You don’t need to buy anything from him.
  • Once you acquire and place the Lordvessel, Logan will appear in the Duke’s Archives prison. Collect the key to his cell in the library area and return to the prison tower. He’s on the bottom floor — there’s a Firekeeper Soul in his cell.
  • After defeating Seath, he will return to the Firelink Shrine. Purchase all of his spells, and Logan will move to the first Seath boss arena in the Duke’s Archives. Defeat his hollowed form to get the White Dragon Breath sorcery.

Quest: Rhea of Thoruland [Miracles]

  • Found in the Firelink Shrine after defeating the Capra Demon. Talk to her here and she’ll move to the Tomb of the Giants.
  • The next time you see her, she’ll be in the Tomb of the Giants hole where Patches kicks you down. Defeat her hollowed bodyguards in this pit. Talk to Rhea here, and she’ll give you the Replenishment Miracle.
  • After saving her in the Tomb of the Giants, she will move to the Undead Parish — Church. Talk to her and she’ll sell you Miracles. You don’t need to buy anything from her.
    • Rhea will DIE if you kill any two of the bosses guarding the two bells and beyond (also, the Gaping Dragon) — if you’ve already defeated the boss, it won’t count.
  • If you purchase all of Rhea’s stock, she’ll reappear hollowed in the Duke’s Archives.


Quest: Sieglinde of Catarina [Titanite Slab + Piercing Shield]

  • Siegmeyer’s Quest: The quest begins at Sen’s Fortress. Find Siegmeyer outside the gates, or to the right of the first boulder ramp. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue after the gates to the fortress are open.
  • Next, you’ll find Siegmeyer in a window room from the rooftop of Anor Londo. Exhaust all his dialogue, then kill the Silver Knights in the nearby room. Return and talk to Siegmeyer again, exhausting his new dialogue. He’ll give you the Tiny Being’s Ring and set off for the Firelink Shrine.
  • Back at the Firelink Shrine, talk to him and select “Yes” to get the Emit Force miracle spell. Continue to talk to Siegmeyer and you’ll finally begin Sieglinde of Catarina’s quest.
  • Sieglinde of Catarina’s Quest: To find Sieglinde, go down to the swamp in Blighttown. She’s near the branch leading to the Great Hollow, under the massive tree. Give her three purple moss lumps and you’ll get the Pierce Shield.
  • Travel to the courtyard between the Duke’s Archives interior and Crystal Cave to find Sieglinde — kill the gold golem here to save her. Exhaust her dialogue again.
  • Return to the Firelink Shrine and exhaust her dialogue.
  • Next, travel to Lost Izalith. Find Siegmeyer in the pit with the floor that crumbles and drops you into the room filled with weird Chaos Eater enemies. To complete this step, you need to drop down into the Chaos Eater room and kill them all before Siegmeyer loses more than 50% health.
    • To make this easier, kill three of the four Chaos Eaters with ranged weapons. Don’t kill them all! If you kill them all, you’ll fail this step.
    • Drop down and Siegmeyer will follow. Kill the last Chaos Eaters, then talk to Siegmeyer until he has no more dialogue.
  • Talk to Sieglinde one more time in the Firelink Shrine. Exhaust all her dialogue.
  • Find Sieglinde and Siegmeyer in the Ash Lake, at the first bonfire. Talk to them to get a Titanite Slab.