Dark Souls: Remastered Has A Cheater Problem, Here Are 3 Ways You Can Fight Back

Hackers have infested Dark Souls: Remastered. They’re so common, the community has setup a few different ways to deal with the most annoying-of-the-annoying players, and we’re here to share a few of these tips with you to (hopefully) keep Dark Souls a fun experience that isn’t too unfair.

And while cheating might be pretty common, it’s also not always terrible. Some players do it just for fun, just to mess around, and don’t use their godly powers to grief. If that’s what’s going on, it’s probably better to just leave those friendly hackers alone. There’s nothing inherently wrong with modding games for silly fun, so use a little bit of discretion before getting all report-happy with your opponents.

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Tips To Help Fight Hackers

The most basic tip for avoiding hackers / cheaters is really, really simple — play offline. You’re losing some of the Dark Souls experience when you don’t get invaded by real players, but you’re also enjoying the purest form of PVE Dark Souls. No stupid messages, designed red undead invasions, and no cheaters to show up and randomly kill you.

We’ll call this the Coward Souls method, but there’s nothing wrong with that.


#1: Block Malicious Players On Steam

If you don’t want to encounter a hacker a second time, simply block them on Steam. They won’t be able to appear in your game. To find and block a recent player, follow these steps:

  • Shift+Tab (In-Game) -> View Players -> Recent Games -> Profile -> More -> Block All Communication

Now you’ll never encounter the same cheater again. You’ll know someone is cheating if they have infinite health, stamina, or inflict status effects that can’t be cured early in the game.

#2: Back-Up Your Save File

This is most helpful for dealing with the worst-of-the-worst hackers — the ones that inflict permanent status effects on early players that can’t be cured until much, much later in the game, effectively ruining your save file.

To back-up your save files, you’ll need to actually find where they’re saved.

  • Go to Documents -> NBGI -> Dark Souls: Remastered

Copy and paste the save files in this folder to a safe place, and you’ll always be able to refresh a (relatively) recent save. Do it just to be safe if you’re online! You don’t want to lose an entire game’s worth of progress to a cheater

#3: Use The Autosave Tool

Don’t want to manually back-up your saves? There’s an autosave executable tool you can use. Simply download, install, and run it in the background while you play. It will save your file automatically every ten minutes in an alternate location. That way you’ll never lose more than 10 minutes of progress if you get egg-headed by a hacker.

Learn how to install and use the autosave tool right here. It’s super easy.