State of Decay 2: Use This Exploit To Earn Unlimited Influence | Glitch Guide

Influence is the currency of State of Decay 2, and earning it usually takes a pretty long time. We’ve already posted plenty of tips, guides, and how-to videos to help you become the best survivor you can be, but we haven’t really talked about glitches yet.

Needless to say, this game is full of glitches. There’s a “Stuck” radio command — and you’ll need it. Sometimes characters will disappear, zombies will clip through walls, and vehicles will inexplicably fly into the sky. There are glitches everywhere, so here’s an exploit you can use to your advantage.

This is an extremely easy-to-use trick that’ll earn you an infinite amount of influence. It’s kind of a slow process, it won’t get you a huge amount of influence in a single transaction, but it will give you a trickle that just never stops. Here’s how it works.

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Unlimited Influence Exploit | Glitch Guide


[NOTE: Yup, this is an exploit that was also found in the first game.]

Is this a glitch? It’s hard to say. This might be intended. Either way, you’ll get free influence and lose nothing by bartering. You don’t need any special bonuses, benefits, or unique items. This will work with just about any stack of items — but bullets are best.

  • Infinite Influence Trade Trick:
    • Go to an Allied enclave and trade.
    • Bring a stack of bullets. Any bullets will work.
    • Sell your bullets individually to the enclave. [Press Y]
    • After selling the bullets, repurchase the stack from the enclave.
    • Sell the bullets back individually. Rinse and repeat.

And that’s literally it! You’ll see that you actually earn more influence per bullet if you sell them individually than in a stack, meaning you can infinitely purchase the stack from the Allied enclave, sell them back to the enclave individually, and repurchase again for unlimited profits. You’ll always earn more than you’re losing.

It isn’t a lot for each transaction. Depending on your sails, it might only be about 10-20 influence profit per transaction. That’s pretty piss poor. You can earn more just driving through hordes. But, this is an exploit, and if you’re into learning about the weird little quirks in games, this is totally one of them.