Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze – All Puzzle Pieces, Secret Exits & Kong Letters | World 7: Secret Seclusion

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If you’ve been following the Gameranx guides for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, then you’ll know where to get every single KONG letter in the game. Grab them all, complete the temple bonus levels and get all six mysterious relics — if you do all that, World 7: Secret Seclusion will unlock. It’s a long journey, but we’re finally here, and there are a few more Puzzle Pieces to collect.

World 7 is the shortest world of the game with only three levels. You’ll also find a serious shortage of collectibles. There are only five Puzzle Pieces in each stage, for a total of fifteen collectibles in the entire world. Certain levels can have up to fourteen collectibles — so yet, this one is pretty short. It might be brief, but these levels are the toughest in the game. Thankfully, as long as you finish the level, you’ll always have these Puzzle Pieces unlocked. No need to grab them again after you die.

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All Puzzle Pieces, Secret Exits & Kong Letters | World 7: Secret Seclusion

There are four K-O-N-G letters in each stage, and a variable number of puzzle pieces. Finding all the KONG letters will unlock bonus stages in the world.

Puzzle pieces unlock additional concept art in the “Extras” menu. Puzzle pieces are often in secret areas, rewarded for completing bonus areas, or given when collecting certain bunches of bananas.

Secret Exits are special exits to levels that take you to new, completely unique levels. If you’re missing a level in the world, it’s because you need to find a secret exit.

7-1: Levitation Station

  • Puzzle Piece #1: Located underneath the third block that appears. Roll and jump underneath from the second block to grab it. Dixie Kong is basically required here.
  • Puzzle Piece #2: When you reach the sequence with tetris blocks forming from the background pillars, stay on the highest path. Bounce off the owls to grab this puzzle piece.
  • Puzzle Piece #3: Reach the two blocks with spinning bananas. They’ll slowly dismantle into pillars in the background. Grab all the bananas (you’ll only have one chance) to summon the piece.
  • Puzzle Piece #4: During the falling sequence, collect all the banana coins that float up from below. You don’t need to get the bananas — just the coins!
  • Puzzle Piece #5: In the last sequence of the level, this piece will appear between three spikes that jump up, to the right of a fat owl you’ll need to bounce off of. Do a short bounce off the fat owl to grab the piece — it helps to have Dixie here, in case you miss and hit one of the spikes.

7-2: Rocket Rails

  • Puzzle Piece #1: Just past the burning oil enemy, the puzzle piece is floated above the spike block. Grab Dixie and flutter up to the top when the spikes are lowered.
  • Puzzle Piece #2: Right when you land in the minecart, don’t jump over the first gap! Just fall down.
  • Puzzle Piece #3: After dropping into the pool of water, backtrack left and break open the purple vase.
  • Puzzle Piece #4: Past the armored walrus enemy, this tricky puzzle piece is floating underneath a smashing block. Roll and jump under the platform to get it.
  • Puzzle Piece #5: The last piece appears when you collect the trail of single bananas underneath the falling series of blocks. Grab all the bananas in a snake-like pattern.

7-3: Crazy Clouds

  • Puzzle Piece #1: Past the first spikes, collect all the bananas in the gust of wind to make this piece appear.
  • Puzzle Piece #2: Floats above the first fat owl. You’ll need to jump high and bounce off (or fall between) the burning owls to reach it.
  • Puzzle Piece #3: Landing on a small island with a purple vase, smash it and collect all the bananas.
  • Puzzle Piece #4: On the platforms that are made of wing debris and propellers, look for a purple vase and break it open. You’ll have to be quick — the platforms explode after a short time.
  • Puzzle Piece #5: While riding the second rocket platform, you’ll have to duck under spikes twice to reach the goal. Right before the goal, the puzzle piece is located between the two spikes. Jump and get it — if you take a hit, it helps to have Dixie. She can help you reach the wind gusts and recover — but even if you lose a life, you’ll keep the piece.