Dark Souls: Remastered – How To Cure Egg Parasite & Curse | Afflictions Guide

Dark Souls: Remastered is still as cruel as the original version, and there are some pretty creative afflictions your undead hero can contract on his or her adventures through a desiccated kingdom. There are two specific status effects that are the absolute worst, ones that you’ll want to cure as quickly as possible — that’s the egg parasite and curse. Both are annoying, awful, terrible, and make life way harder.

And both can be cured. Both come from different sources — the creepy, bug-eyed monsters that breath gross gas can inflict curse very quickly, instantly cutting your health bar in half permanently. The egg head parasite is just as bad. Instead of giving you an ailment, a literal egg starts to grow on your head, forcing you to remove any helmet you had equipped. Wait too long, and the egg will evolve. You’ll want to cure it before it becomes terminal.

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How To Cure Egg Parasite & Curse | Afflictions Guide

Curse and the Egg Parasite are special status effects. Unlike poison, these are permanent effects that don’t disappear when you die. You’ll need to use a specific item to cure these afflictions.

How To Cure Curse

Curse is a special status that cuts your max health in half (50%) even when hollow. While cursed, you can damage ghosts in New Londo Ruins, but you cannot use humanity to revive. If you’re cursed again, you’ll die instantly by turning to stone.

Curse is applied by Basilisks in the Depths and Great Hollow area. Look for strange lizards with bulging, strange eyeballs. The gas they spit, if you linger in it too long, will curse you. Seath the Scaleless can also curse you in their boss battle.

There are multiple ways to cure curse — the most common way is to use a Purging Stone. If you haven’t rung the first bell in the Undead Parish, the easiest way to get Purging Stones is in the Northern Undead Asylum. Collect four Cracked Red Eye Orbs at the bottom of the elevator to the Undead Parish in the Firelink Shrine, then reach the nest from the ruins and travel to the Asylum. Trade Snuggly Cracked Red Eye Orbs — Snuggly will give you two Purging Stones for each trade.

  • Cures can also be purchased from Oswald of Carim (Gargoyle Belltower area) or from the Undead Merchant in the Firelink aqueduct.
  • Ingward, in the New Londo Ruins, will also cure curse for 1 soul.
  • The Man-Eater Clams in Ash Lake / Crystal Cave will also drop Purging Stones.


How To Cure Egg Parasite

The weirdest affliction in the game, if you’re attacked by a spider-like parasite, there’s a chance it will lay eggs in your head. The egg carriers are found in the Demon Ruins (and the Painted World) and if they successfully lay their eggs, your character will scratch at their head. After five minutes, the egg will hatch and consume half of your earned souls — the egg is so huge, you’ll automatically remove your helmet.

With your new egg head, you’ll take more damage from fire element attacks. You’ll also unlock a larvae-bite attack if you feed the egg parasite 100,000 more souls — that causes it to evolve. The larvae-bite replaces your kick.

Like curse, the Egg Parasite can only be cured with an item. The Egg Vermifuge will remove Egg Parasites — several can be found in the Painted World of Ariamis. Others can be acquired from Eingyi — an NPC in a hidden area. Attack the wall covered in eggs past Quelaag’s arena to reveal the hidden spot. Talk to Eingyi and he’ll give you a free Egg Vermifuge every time you’re infected.