A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 5: Conflict

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After an exciting victory, things turn bleak in the final act of A Way Out. In Part 5: Conflict, it’s Leo versus Vincent, and whoever is the better player gets to survive the story. There are two different endings, and you’ll have to earn your conclusion.

The final act is very short, and it’s almost entirely adversarial. Instead of working together, you’ll work apart on every step. When you’re not taking hostages (or being a hostage), you’ll use the previous act’s shooting mechanics to try and kill one another. There’s no grey area or half-measure here, you’ve got to fight to survive, and that means one of you must die.

Try your best, and learn a little bit about how each sequence works with the quick guide below.

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A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 5: Conflict



  • The truth is revealed. Vincent’s story was a lie. He’s an FBI special agent, undercover and working with Leo — all so he could get revenge on Harvey and recover the Black Orlov diamond. Leo is going back to jail.
  • Or is he! Leo takes Vincent hostage automatically, and all you can do is move to the car. You’ll have some control, but mostly you can interact by talking.
  • Otherwise, there’s really no gameplay in this section.

Canal Chase

  • The real fight doesn’t start until you reach the canal. After a crash landing, Vincent boards a helicopter while Leo retreats on a boat. Shoot the boat until it’s broken (or try to weave and avoid) but there’s no trick here.
  • After attempting to jump, Vincent gets a chance to really shoot the boat while in slow-mo.

Face Off

  • Here’s the real meat of the chapter. At this point, it’s Leo versus Vincent. You’ll each have an SMG, and you’ll have no choice but to try and kill one another.
  • Take cover behind low walls and shoot. When you shoot the metal plates, the cover will break. Try to keep track of your opponent, and shoot where they’re hiding!
  • The battle escalates after one (or both) of you take too much damage. You’ll move onto a tall walkway.
    • There’s nowhere you can hide forever here. Rush to the top floor and shoot away cover spots. You can also shoot the pipes to release damaging steam.

A Way Out

  • At the very end, it’s one final showdown. Whoever wins the last encounter, wins the game. Depending on how much damage you’ve taken up to the ending, you’ll be able to mash buttons and move faster. You can still win if you mash fast, but it gets harder the less health you’ve got.
    • Whoever reaches the SMG at the end wins. Shoot your pal once in the heart to end the game and earn your ending.