A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 4: Vengeance

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Invade Harvey’s compound in Part 4: Vengeance as we push toward the climactic conclusion of A Way Out. This is an action-packed section of the game, filled with third-person shooting and driving. Only the first chapter in this act is calm — most of the time, you’ll be shooting through armies of goons after landing in Mexico.

Harvey has called out the big guns, and this simple indie-style adventure goes full Uncharted as you parachute into the enemy base, ambush the enemy, commandeer sniper rifles, and fight Harvey in his opulent mansion quarters — while dodging grenade launcher shells. Yeah, the ending goes completely nuts. We’ll try and explain how to survive.

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A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 4: Vengeance


Lift Off

Leo and Vincent arrive at the hangar to prep the plain for lift off. Before you can ride out to Mexico, you’ll need to complete a few tasks — and choose how you’ll reach Harvey’s compound. You have two options. You can go with Leo’s Way or Vincent’s Way. Unlike any of the other choices in the game, this will change which chapter you’ll start next, and each choice sends you to a totally distinct chapter.

  • Leo Choice: The Trek
    • Select Leo’s Way to start ‘The Trek’ chapter. You’ll land in the jungle and walk to Harvey’s compound on foot.
  • Vincent Choice: Free Fall
    • Select Vincent’s Way to start the ‘Free Fall’ chapter. You’ll jump out of the plane and parachute next to Harvey’s compound instead.

Once you’ve made your choice, Part 4 will begin and you can start getting ready.

  • To complete this short chapter, you’ll need to do a few things.
    • Grab the Log Book from the table near the arcade machine and bring it to the pilot.
    • Turn off the gas hose and remove the nozzle from the bottom of the plane.
    • Open both hangar doors.
  • And that’s it! You can play arcade games, or Leo can mess around with the helicopter through the back office. When you’re ready to leave, hop into the airplane.

Free Fall 

  • If you selected Vincent’s Choice in the previous chapter, you’ll begin here.
  • Vincent pushes Leo out first — and eventually, Leo will try to pull his ripcord. Unfortunately, he pulls the wrong cord and removes the parachute altogether.
  • To save Leo, Vincent needs to hold forward to speed up and grab Leo. Together, they can hold on, and Vincent can pull his ripcord.
  • On the way down, you’ll have a short conversation. Aim for the landing zone on the ridge. When you land, it’s just a short trip to the next chapter.

The Trek 

  • If you selected Leo’s Choice in the previous chapter, you’ll begin here.
  • In this chapter, you’ll need to use machetes to cut through the thick overgrowth.


  • Outside Harvey’s compound, Leo and Vincent will encounter a group of armed goons. Flank around to the right side and start shooting — you’ll be able to catch the goons in crossfire.
  • This is the first time you’ll fight enemies in combat. Aim with [L2 / LT] and fire with [R2 / RT], and reload with [R1 / RB]. Stay behind cover, and avoid damage — your health with regenerate pretty quickly.
  • Depending on the weapons you selected in the “Gun Runner” chapter, you’ll start with one of four weapons — a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a three-shot burst assault rifle, or a fully-automatic submachine gun.
    • You’ll be able to change weapons later in Part 4 if you don’t like the weapon you picked. All of them are valid — even the shotgun has pretty good range.
  • Pull down the metal at up the path and a sniper will open fire on you. Move left and climb the ladder and take cover. Press [X / A] to roll from cover. You can roll left / right, or forward to quickly cross ground and get to another piece of cover.
  • Get inside the old building and crawl through the vent. On the other side, don’t even try to open the door. Just climb the ladder.
    • Whoever climbs the ladder first will ambush the sniper and take his gun.

Covering Fire

  • Here, use the rifle to shoot incoming goons and help your friend down below. Zoom in for easier accurate shots with [L2 / LT].
    • Lots of thugs will appear behind / above your partner. Make sure to take those guys out first!
  • Eventually, you’ll clear the area and join back up at a garage door. Work together to lift it, then drop down from the broken bridge.
  • Ahead, you’ll reach the exterior of Harvey’s mansion. In this area, you can actually sneak and ambush the guards — move behind them to perform a takedown, silently taking them out.
    • It helps to clear out the guards. Stick to the left wall. It’s pretty easy to sneak by most of the goons here, and you can reach the last thug. If you take him out, you can stealth most of them.
    • Or you can just start shooting. There’s no achievement / trophy for stealth, and you’ll get spotted automatically at a certain point anyway.
  • Fight up the terrace and past the bunkhouses toward the open garage. The doors will close after a small army of goons rushes you.
  • To make an alternate path, go up the stairs on the left and push down the pickup. It’ll roll down and plow through the fence.
  • Before entering the mansion, you can select a totally new weapon for yourself.

The Mansion

  • Inside the mansion, one of Harvey’s goons will barricade himself behind a door and shoot through the slot.
    • One player will need to shoot the door to provide covering fire while the other player moves to the hallway to the left of the target’s hiding spot.
    • Shoot at the door to draw fire, and move while your partner is shooting. The enemies hiding behind the door will change targets fast, and they kill fast.
    • Move from cover to cover, only leaving while your partner shoots. In the hallway, grab the explosive canister and throw it — your partner can shoot it, detonating the propane and blasting the door open, killing the goons behind it.
  • Exit the wine cellar and lift the wooden beam to begin the next phase of the fight. Stay separated and fight down the left / right sides of the terrace.
  • Fight through the bar area, and past the pool to enter the main area of the mansion.
    • Harvey is armed with a grenade launcher! He can destroy even the heaviest of cover, so you’ll need to move if he targets the statues for too long.
    • Fight through the endlessly respawning goons — watch the balconies on the right / left and slowly approach Harvey’s hiding spot between grenade attacks.
    • Stay in cover when he launches. The grenades won’t hurt you, as long as you’re staying in (intact) cover. When the cover is destroyed, it’s time to move.
    • To stop Harvey, rush the stairs together.
  • Harvey retreats to his office, and you’ll have one more choice. You can choose who confronts him. Either way, Harvey takes one of you hostage.
    • To escape the hostage situation, slowly move toward the glass cases to the hostage’s left. When you’re close, you can bash Harvey’s head on the glass, giving your partner a clear shot to shoot Harvey.
  • Unload your weapons into Harvey to end him and recover the Black Orlov diamond. Leo has his prize, and Vincent has his revenge. Time to escape.

Jungle Road

  • It isn’t over yet! A small army of thugs arrive outside the mansion. Harvey must pay them well, because they aren’t going to give up.
  • This part is tough. You’ll each have a motorcycle, so you’ll both have to survive independently.
  • The cars have heavy guns. Stay as far away from them as you can. Perform stunt jumps off ramps to slow your pursuers down, and stay on the throttle. If they’re close to you, swerve left or right on the path to avoid them. Just being close is a death sentence.
  • You can’ fight the enemy cars either. Just keep driving — when they start throwing grenades, just hang on! It looks like you’re dying, but the explosion effect looks worse than it is.
  • Stay off the roads whenever you can too — when the rocks fall, Leo will return to help Vincent after he gets out from under his vehicle.
  • For the final sequence, Vincent shoots while Leo drives. Just keep unloading on those trucks — it helps to aim for the drivers or gunners.
  • When you’re close enough to the plane, Vincent jumps in first, then Leo. Reach for each  other, and it’s one final jump to safety.

It might look like a victory, but there’s still one more intense chapter of A Way Out left to go. Act 5: Conflict brings the game to a close, and your ending will change considerably depending on who wins. It’s Leo vs. Vincent in the last four chapters.