A Way Out: How To Unlock All 14 Trophies & Achievements | Complete Guide

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A Way Out is an action-adventure title developed under Hazelight Studios under director Josef Fares who previously released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The video game takes some deep inspirations with the film, Shawshank Redemption, in which players are looking for a means to escape prison.

The narrative follows two prisoners, Vincent and Leo, which will be controlled by two players at all times. Cooperative multiplayer plays an important role in the video game as the title cannot be played as a singleplayer experience.

Instead, two players must go through the title either locally or remote online. It’s worth noting that only one friend must own the game online to enjoy it cooperatively.

In this particular guide, we’re going to showcase just how to acquire every trophy and achievement that is available in the game.


50 | Silver

  1. During your escape from the prison the protagonists will be in the same area that the chisel was acquired from outside. Make your way to the warden’s office window and smash it out to enter the room.
  2. When you’re inside the Warden’s office, head over to the balcony and open up the bird cage.

Backseat Mechanic

50 | Gold

  1. During the Reunion chapter, Leo’s spouse will request Vincent’s help with the motorcycle.
  2. After you speak with Leo’s spouse, head to the garage and grab the item requested and return it to her.

In Sync

80 | Gold

  1. After you have went through the woods during your escape, go into the house.
  2. Have the characters play the Piano and Banjo while executing the button prompts as they appear on the screen. There are only a few buttons that players will need to press in order to unlock the trophy.

Timeless Treasure

100 | Gold

  1. When you’re in the house changing clothes from the prison escape go downstairs and approach the clock near the bookcase.
  2. Both players will pull the lever in order to open a door that will lead to the basement. From there, all you need to do is open the chest.

No Cheating

50 | Silver

  1. During the Reunion chapter, you’ll come across a woman next to a trailer with a baseball bat. Approach her and speak with the NPC to reveal she is practicing her batting for when she finds her cheating husband.
  2. Head to the next trailer which will be in front of the Autotech shop and knock on the door. The cheating husband will answer and talk with you.
  3. Head back to the woman and tell her where the cheating husband is located at.

Break From Reality

50 | Silver

  1. Players simply need to play the game with a friend.

Take It For A Spin

80 | Gold

  1. After you have changed your clothes at the farm, climb up the small windmill and keep spinning the wheel until a cutscene starts.

You Started It

80 | Gold

  1. During the Reunion chapter, both players need to head to the playground area and approach the swings. Hit the button command prompt to trigger a cutscene.

The Dip

100 | Gold

  1. At the start of the game during the Prison Courtyard section, Leo needs to approach the two guys at the gym area doing dips.
  2. Speak with the men to see that there is a record of 20 dips. Players will need to break the record by repeatedly tapping the button prompt. This may take a bit of time and you can reset after each rep, but you can’t exit out otherwise you’ll have to restart.

Home Run

50 | Gold

  1. When you leave the farm you’ll find two people playing baseball.
  2. Approach them and try your luck at batting a home run. For the trophy, each player must hit a home run.

Live The Dream

100 | Gold

  1. When you get out of the elevators in search for Carol head down the hall and into the main waiting area.
  2. Go to the TV and turn it on followed by sitting down on the couch. Wait until a cutscene starts up to unlock the trophy.


50 | Silver

  1. While going through the tasks for Emily before you’re able to take off into the skies, head outside and on to the roof with the helicopter.
  2. Have Leo go inside the helicopter where a small in-game cutscene will take place.

Take A Breather

80 | Gold

  1. While in the woods after you have changed, head follow the pathway by the river until you reach a large rock that both players can sit on. This will activate a small cutscene.

Managed Anger

80 | Gold

  1. During the preparation chapter when the characters are interrogating their captive Vincent should grab the nail gun and temp to scare the guy.
  2. Leo should then go over and kick the guy off the building.

All The Ways Out


  1. Players will have to collect all of the available trophies.

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