A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 2: Fugitives

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There’s no time to enjoy freedom in the second part of A Way Out. In the second act, called Fugitives, you’ll escape a variety of dangerous situations — knocking out people in the forest, sneaking through bridge checkpoints, exchanging gunfire with the cops, holding up innocent families, or riding down river rapids in a rickety old boat. The game opens up considerably in Part 2, and we’re going to cover all the scenarios — including the optional ones.

While making your escape, you’ll learn a few new mechanics. You can drive cars, shoot guns, or split up for alternate paths in large maps populated by patrolling goons. You’ll even get to choose between two completely different scenarios — when you reach a crossroads, you’ll be able to vote on a plan. You can either follow Leo’s plan, or Vincent’s plan. Generally, Leo is a hothead while Vincent is cool under pressure, choosing stealthier or gentler options.

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A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 2: Fugitives


On The Run

  • In the first chapter, you’ll be able to move freely in the large environment. Stay hidden in the bushes while sneaking through the cop patrol routes.
    • Don’t bother knocking out any of these cops — instead, sneak to the back-left ridge where two cops are standing.
    • Knock out both cops simultaneously to escape this area.
  • Stay low and move right. Avoid the cops — on this path, there’s a lone patrolling guard. Take him down, and you’ll reach the ridge overlooking the bridge.
  • The bridge is completely locked down by cops. Get help climbing up, and you’ll get a choice.

Bridge Crossing

At the start of this chapter, you’re given a choice — whether to select Leo’s plan or Vincent’s plan. Leo’s plan involves knocking out a cop, stealing a car, and driving across the bridge. This is a faster plan, but it’s really risky.

Vincent’s plan is slower, but places you under the bridge. It’s a perilous bunch of platforming, but both paths (essentially) lead to the same place.

  • Leo Choice – Drive Across 
    • If you select Leo’s plan, sneak behind the cop and knock him out. Then hop into the car and start driving.
    • The backseat driver needs to stay low and hide to avoid detection.
    • Don’t hit anything and don’t go too fast. Move slow, and… eventually a cop will spot you anyway. Hit the throttle to escape!
  • Vincent Choice – Climb Under 
    • If you go under the bridge, use the pipes to cross and stay low when the helicopter passes by. Take cover, and use the ladder attached to the ceiling to climb to the opposite side when the catwalk buckles.
    • Break open the gate door and jump to reunite the escapees. When inching past the cops on the bridge above, just keep moving and they won’t spot you.
    • To get through the locked door, grab the axe at the end of the catwalk. The path leads outside.
    • There’s a cop on the tall platform — you’ll have to take him down. Use a coop action to reach the top (on the right) then cross over using the ledge on the left. Whoever tries to take the cop on will be caught. Rush to help!
  • The gunshots (or car crash) will give you away, leading to a quick sprinting sequence. The cops release dogs to chase the two down. Sprint and hop over the debris, and eventually you’ll slide down the hill — hold [R2 / RT] to avoid a deadly fall.


  • This is an appropriate name for the chapter. It’s a breather — a quiet chapter where Leo and Vincent can bond. To actually complete the chapter, there’s only a few steps you need to complete.
    • Blow on the campfire, then collect more wood. Collect it in the wooded area nearby.
    • Next, you’ll each need to catch a fish. Create a makeshift spear (each) to the left of the shelter.
    • To catch fish, use your partner to lead the fish toward you. You won’t be able to chase fish down, and they won’t swim toward you unless your partner forces them to!
  • Once you’ve each got a fish, the chapter will complete.

The Farmstead 

  • At the farmstead, you’ll get another choice – Leo’s Way or Vincent’s Way. Leo wants to subdue the couple, while Vincent wants to distract them by releasing the horses. Both paths are totally viable, and lead to a similar ending to the chapter.
  • Leo Choice – Stick Up The Family
    • To stick up the family, you’ll need to coordinate. Move one character into the kitchen of the house, while the other rings the doorbell.
    • When the family approaches, grab the wife from the kitchen. The gun-toted man-of-the-house will turn around, giving the doorbell-ringer time to ambush him.
    • Grab the gun, and you’ll have free reign of the house.
  • Vincent Choice – Distract The Family
    • The horses can be tricky too. Take the ladder to the left in the small yard and use it to climb into the red barn.
    • Inside, release the three horses from the stables, then unlock the front doors. To startle the horses, push the large mixer on the second floor of the barn down.
    • Just like before, the family will run after the horses and leave you free reign of the homestead.
  • The house is full of activities you can enjoy. You can play piano / banjo, play darts, watch TV, or throw horseshoes. All of these activities can be played competitively with your partner if you’re looking for a little friendly duel.
  • To progress, go to the master bedroom on the second floor and change clothes in the large closet. When you’re dressed up, it’s time to get a truck and escape.
  • Go outside and collect the fuel can from the small garage outfront of the homestead, in the shack with the horseshoes game.
  • Take the fuel can to the large grey barn. Open the doors and you’ll find a rusted piece of crap truck. You’ll have to fix it up to make it run.
    • First, pick up the fuel can and fill the truck up.
    • Grab the Pinch Bar in the corner (left of the entrance, leaning on a low wall) and jam it into the back of the truck.
    • Go upstairs and use the winch to move one character to the opposite side of the second floor barn. Drop a tire down, then attach the tire to the truck’s empty wheel well.
    • Once the wheel is attached, grab the Lug Wrench from the work table near the stairs up. Use it to secure the wheel onto the truck.
    • Now you can use the Pinch Bar. Hold up the truck with the bar and have your partner remove the wooden log.
    • Almost done! Push the truck down the road, then open the hood, attach the jumper cables, and start the engine.
  • And that’s it! You now have a working truck. Too bad the couple that owns the house are busy calling the cops.

The Getaway

  • This part is quick, but challenging — and it’s the first time Leo will get to handle a gun. Use the shotgun to slow down cop cars while Vincent drives through traffic.
  • If you’re driving, stick close to the rocky walls and away from the cliffs. It’s really, really easy for the cops to push your truck off the ledge while trying to ram you.
  • Swap targets and ram back to avoid getting taken down. Driving near incoming traffic will also help slow down the cops.
  • Keep your speed up, and follow the logical path. Check out the video walkthrough above for a complete run of the getaway.

River Run

  • The last sequence, River Run, is another challenging coop experience. Each time one of the players rows the boat, it will move slightly left or right, depending on the side of the boat you’re on.
  • It won’t take long to reach the river rapids. At this point, don’t bother rowing to move forward — only row to change direction and avoid incoming obstacles. Your boat can only take so many hits!
  • To make this part easier, both players can swap to one side and row — that’s how you can speed up turns in tight situations.

Reach the end of the river alive — which is to say, totally crashed, just barely scraping by after the boat slams into the rocks of a waterfall — and you’ll be free and clear from the cops for a little while. Part 3: Preparations is next.